BOISE, Idaho — Republicans in Idaho have proposed a resolution calling for support for using the Bible alongside public school curriculum. Resolution 2015-P20 …

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A great deal of American history contains references to the Bible. Many of our institutions were established by bible believing Christians as a way to maintain the Christian heritage of this nation. Many of Western civilization can trace the influence of the Christian bible in the establishment of society and the legal system.

A great deal is lost when the bible is totally removed from our classrooms since it creates a huge void when studying the humanities and world cultures. The world has been greatly impacted by the Christian bible and as such should be taught along with the study of humanities and world cultures, as well as in American history and even the sciences.

There are many voices cry out against the use of the bible in a classroom setting and these same voices are strongly supportive of teaching our children the theory of evolution and now transgenderism. Maybe if we actually got back to teaching our children that there is a greater purpose to life then getting all you can get, we may see the true evolution of society.

America did not become a great nation by ignoring the scriptures but contrary, she became great by embracing scriptures and acknowledging her need for a higher power.


Way to go Idaho, it is just a shame that several generations of our youth have been deprived of the richness of scripture through the phoney notion that our founders wanted to keep religion out of the public square. Nothing could be further from the truth. Even a scant reading of our founders writings indicates they were heavily influenced by scripture, and had a great reverence for God.

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