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…Children shouldn’t
have to provide for their parents, but parents should provide for their
children. 2 Corinthians 12:14 (GW)


A Youth Misery Index that measures young Americans’ woes has skyrocketed under President Barack Obama and hit an all-time high.

The index, released Wednesday, was calculated by adding youth unemployment and average college loan debt figures with each person’s share of the national debt. While it has steadily grown over the decades, under Obama the figure has shot up dramatically, from 83.5 in 2009 to 98.6 in 2013.

The index has increased by 18.1 percent since Obama took office, the highest increase under any president, making Obama the worst president for youth economic opportunity, according to the nonprofit that released the figure.

“Young people are suffering under this economy,” said Ashley Pratte, program officer for Young America’s Foundation, which developed the index and calculates it annually using federal statistics. “They’re still living in their parent’s basements, unable to find full-time jobs that pay them what they need in order to pay back their debt.”

Youth unemployment in 2013 was 16.3 percent, and student loan debt came in at a record-breaking average of $29,400 last year, the foundation points out; what’s more, each person’s share of the roughly $17 trillion dollar national debt stands at its highest level ever: $52,948.

via Under Obama, Youth Misery Index Hits All-Time High.

Talk about stealing from your kids futures. This is immoral.

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Modern Day Slavery

The Old Ball and change

Democrats the party of Slavery. They fought for it in Lincoln’s day and they have fought for it ever since. A vote for a democrat is a vote to enslave our society and especially our youth.

The Real Obesity Problem in America

We need to put Uncle Sam on a crash diet unless he becomes like Jabba the Hut and eats up everything in sight.

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Real Obesity Problem

Cartoon by William Warren

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Who Chopped Down the Money Tree?

If you ask Obama he has a huge list of suspects. As for me I only have one. I will not name drop but his initials are BO.

Spend, Tax, Raise Debt Limit, Repeat

The Obama balanced approach means, he spends and we pay.

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