Obama Cuts Military Spending while Domestic Spending Soars

Once again “Barry” signs legislation designed to make us less safe citing “wasteful spending”. Isn’t that like the pot calling the kettle black? This logic coming from the President who is singlehandedly bankrupting our nation. Why doesn’t he and the rest of those capital hill socialists cut some of the PORK out of their recent PORKULUS bill? And while they are about BUDGET cuts why not SCRAPE the recent 900+ page cap and trade bill they are trying to push on American business.

This would be laughable if it were not so serious.

clipped from www.onenewsnow.com
WASHINGTON – President Barack Obama has signed into law a bill aimed at tightening the controls on defense spending, saying it is “long overdue.”
Obama noted one study which found that roughly $295 billion of taxpayers’ money was wasted last year on cost overruns involving 95 defense programs.
He said wasteful defense spending “is unacceptable” at a time when the country is fighting two wars and trying to overcome a deep recession at home.

2 thoughts on “Obama Cuts Military Spending while Domestic Spending Soars

    1. You said it all Samson. You are more knowledgeable concerning the affairs of state at 17 then I believe our current President is. But I do believe he is not really interested in saving our economy. I believe he wants it to fail so as to entrench himself into an even greater power grab by making the government the only thing working in an otherwise ruined economy. Lord I pray not.

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