Support for a Young Earth? Scientists Baffled by Preserved Dinosaur Blood Cells

LONDON – The discovery of well-preserved blood and proteins in a supposedly 75-million-year-old dinosaur fossil has stumped secular scientists and led one Christian …

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In a companion piece one scientist postulates that these soft tissue cells where held in tack by Iron. Here is the link to that article:

In order for the theory of evolution to have taken place the earth and everything on it had had to exist for millions of years. Even scientist say that it would be impossible for evolution to have evolved over a short period of time say in like 10,000 years. So it is necessary to cling to the position that dinosaurs existed millions of years ago, and so an alternate explanation must be found to support this hypothesis. God forbid if the evidence actually proves the earth isn’t as old as these scientist say it is.

To those who worship science or the creation rather than the creator, perhaps this is God’s way of poking some fun at the beaker set.

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