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A View From the Nest Edition 42015

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Iran to get $50 billion signing bonus for bogus agreement

The Iran nuclear deal simply gets worse by the day. Iran gets $50 billion for signing bogus agreement Via the Wall Street Journal “Our main concern here is making sure that if Iran doesn’t abide by its agreement that we don’t have to jump through a whole bunch of hoops in order to reinstate sanctions,” the president said at a news conference.

In addition to a rather sizable signing bonus, Iran gives up nothing in return. In fact they get to keep their secret bomb building facilities under wraps since all military installations are off limits to IAEA inspectors according to a top Iranian Official.

We know of at least two facilities that in the past were found to be making weapons hidden on military bases, but I am sure that Iran will not seek to do the same thing at other military installations once they receive the signing bonus.Right? Wrong!

Immigration expert: ISIS setting up terror camps 8 miles south of US border in area controlled by Mexican drug cartel.

A pro-immigration enforcement advocate says he can’t understand why the Left seems untroubled by reports of an ISIS terrorist cell on the U.S. border. Judicial Watch broke the news April 17 about the ISIS cell, which is allegedly located eight miles south of the U.S.-Mexico border in an area controlled by a Mexican drug cartel.

No problem though since Obama assures us that the BORDER is more secure now then ever. There is absolutely no way that Mexican drug cartel members can get across our borders so we need not worry about ISIS getting in. YEAH RIGHT!

Oh but there is more

FBI-Mexico cover-up of U.S. border ISIS camp?


6 immigrants to US indicted in alleged plot to support ISIS, Al Qaeda

Six Bosnian natives who immigrated to the U.S. sent money and military equipment to support Al Qaeda in Iraq and the Islamic State terror group, the Justice Department said Friday night. The conspiracy, which authorities say dates back to May 2013, supported Abdullah Ramo Pazara and others fighting with the terror groups, according to a federal indictment.

FBI Arrests Six in Minnesota, California ISIS Recruitment Network

US Warship Moving To Block Iranian Weapons Deliveries To Rebels In Yemen

The USS Theodore Roosevelt is moving toward Yemeni waters to intercept any Iranian ships attempting at delivering weaponry to Shiite, Houthi rebels in Yemen. The warship will join other American ships prepared to halt attempts at arming the Houthis. According to The Associated Press: There are about nine U.S.

From the Cuckoo’s Nest

What where they thinking?

Her Homeowners Association Made Her Take Down Her Flagpole. Then She Read the Rules and Made a Discovery.

It always pays to double-check the rules. Tennessee veteran Delia Foster was forced to take down her flagpole by her homeowners association a few months ago, but now she’s flying Old Glory once again thanks her own hard work, WBIR-TV reported.

Texas Woman Has a Bold Message for Gov’t Officials After Being Fined $2,000 for Feeding the Poor

Joan Cheever, a food truck owner in San Antonio, Texas, who uses her mobile restaurant to feed the poor, has no plans of backing down in the midst of her very public clash with authorities over a $2,000 fine that she was given for failing to transport food in a permitted…

Free Range Children

Agenda 21 A recent story in the media about 2 children aged 10 and 6 being taken into protective custody by over-zealous officials has introduced a phrase I expect we’ll be hearing a lot more of in coming years – Free Range Children.

When I was a child before the age of bike helmets and knee pads, I and my two siblings would ride our bikes through our neighborhood and play at the neighbors house for hours on end. We would even at times walk to the near-by elementary school (about 1/2 mile from home) after hours to play a pick-up game of tackle football. We would play until almost dark and then head back home. This was NORMAL growing up in America. What has happened to this once great nation? Where neighborhoods where kid friendly.

We have become a nation dead set against teaching respect and ethics along with morality; instead we lock-up our children and let the criminals run society. We are abusing our children in the name of protecting them. We are stealing their freedom to learn and explore in the name of security.

What we are creating is a hostile environment our children are going to have to navigate without having the tools at their disposal to deal with the thugs and bullies they are sure to encounter.

Let us get back to a more civil society where we are taught to respect and look out for one another. A society that once held biblical values up as the gold standard. Now anything goes except morality and the golden rule.

Tail Feathers

Other news and views from across the cyberscape

Study: EPA Preparing to Slash Another 300,000 Jobs

The Environmental Protection Agency is putting the final touches on a rule requiring a 30% reduction of CO 2 emissions from fossil fuel-burning power plants by 2030. An independent analysis by The Heritage Foundation predicts “[a]n average employment shortfall of nearly 300,000 jobs,” adding the U.S.

The Death Tax Is an Economic Bludgeon

ISIS executes 35 Ethiopian Christians

Globe Trot: Muslims toss Christians into sea during migration attempt

ITALY: Muslim migrants threw overboard 12 Christians during a recent crossing from Libya to Italy. The survivors, mostly migrant workers from Africa, kept their lives by forming a human chain to resist further assault. Another 400 are presumed dead in the sinking of another migrant boat near the Libyan coast.

Does anyone still think this is a religion of peace?

Union Threatens Walmart Over 2,200 Layoffs

The Looney Bin

Crazy but true stories

Wisconsin Police Violently Invade Homes Of Thought-Criminals, AKA Conservatives

As you may have noticed by their unhinged shrieking, leftists in Wisconsin haven’t been able to thwart the will of the people. Having failed to remove Scott Walker from office, they’ve decided to take out their revenge on his supporters. This article, by David French at National Review, is so shocking that it’s almost impossible to summarize.

Should Christians Wear Orange Jumpsuits To Church?

Should Christians wear orange jumpsuits to church? Washington, D.C.-based Church on the Hill minister Rev. Patrick Mahoney started a social media campaign based on the Twitter hashtag #orangejumpsuit to encourage American Christians to recognize the plight of Christians being executed by Islamic radicals.

When Mom Marries a Pedophile, Social Services Comes Up With a Plan to Literally Lock Up Her Two 13 yo Girls

Is this sick or what?

The Duck Pond

Where you find all the QUACKS

More fallout in Boston from the slow-motion collapse of Big Wind.

Put not your faith in politically-subsidized energy projects: The [Deval] Patrick [D, MA] administration’s $113 million New Bedford marine terminal, built as a Cape Wind construction staging area, has become a taxpayer-funded boondoggle now that the controversial offshore wind farm project is virtually dead in the water.

You got to love the loons who live on the left, they keep coming up with new ideas that never seem to pan out while they pooh pooh any of the tried and true programs that actually work. You see liberals see themselves as being smarter than everyone else so therefore all their ideas are good ones and worth pouring billions of dollars into. Although it does not take long to see that these ideas are not what they are QUACKED up to be.

Wind, solar, electric cars, ethanol, bio-diesel, and other alternative methods of producing cheap, reliable, sustainable energy are not feasible, if they were viable options the private sector would have been developing them for a profit, instead liberal politicians have to subsidize them for billions of dollars of wasted taxpayer funds.

What we need to remember about all this GREEN ENERGY talk is the only ENERGY the politicians are really interested in creating is ENERGY to fund their campaigns for re-election. And the GREEN part of the equation is all the taxpayer money that is being funneled back into democrat coffers after rewarding their crony pals who start fake businesses to rake in taxpayer money.

Earth Day’s Coming, Which Means Climate Rhetoric’s Heating Up

In Saturday’s weekly address, Barack Obama devoted his lecture to Earth Day, which is to be recognized Wednesday, and pivoted once again to doubling down on global warming so we can “protect this precious planet we call home.” He claimed, “[T]oday, there’s no greater threat to our planet than climate change.

ISIL, ISIS, Nuclear Iran, failed governments in Yemen and Sudan, Chinese war machine building up, Russian aggression and military vessels in the arctic, are not a huge threat to our planet. Climate change however is top of the list for Obama.

The Last Word

Commentary on the news from a Conservative Christian viewpoint

A Godly Right to Privacy

Originalists, specifics, rule of law, moral code, individualism. Pragmatists, convolution of specifics into “general” definitions, the rule of man, man-made moral code, and collectivism. First, we must understand that the Constitution does not give rights, and it does not guarantee rights.

Little Boy: A classic modern film

There are classic films, like the ones on TCM and AMC, and there are modern films. There are few modern classics. Little Boy, in theaters April 24, could be a modern classic. The film is set in a Southern California town during World War II.

“It’s a symbol of racism, really if you think about it…”


A silly story perhaps but let us not forget the climate in which we now live. America is being ripped apart at the seems by ‘liberal progressive’ ideology that exists to pit one group of people against another. Their very existence requires victims, and if there are not enough victims they make them.

Stop to think we have entered a time when the government can tell a person what he must buy, how much of he he is allowed to buy, from whom he must make the purchase, and how much he will have to pay for it. On the other hand the government also can force a business to stop selling something or force them to sell something they would not normally sell.

There are some in our society who feel that this is exactly what the government should be doing, policing individual actions and deciding for the general public what is in its best interest. We are no longer free to express ourselves openly and honestly. Freedom of speech and expression has been replaced with approved speech and expression. Only what the government feels is appropriate can be uttered or expressed.

So now the NYPD feels that a replica of a TV SHOW prop is now racist. So I guess if you live in NY you can not longer view the Dukes of Hazzard TV show because if you do you are a racist.


Welcome to the nanny state. The last time I checked nannies were hired to BABYSIT infants and children. Perhaps it is time we all grow up and become ADULTS!



See on Scoop.itEagle Views

Wal-Mart pressuring suppliers to cut costs

Suppliers in the crosshairs.



Wal-Mart’s renewed focus on offering the lowest prices is putting pressure on suppliers. 


The retailer has been telling suppliers to stop investing in joint marketing and give them the goods for cheaper instead, The Wall Street Journal reports.


The people who supply Wal-Mart’s goods are worried about the new strategy. 


"While lowering prices by shaving down marketing budgets may help Wal-Mart draw more customers, it gives suppliers less control over how their products are displayed or promoted, and less ability to make them stand out against store brands or other rivals," WSJ writes.


Being in a business that supplies WalMart stores I get to see WalMart from behind the scenes. WalMart has long had a reputation for low prices mainly by strong arming the suppliers into cuts to their own profits in order to remain on the stores shelves. Being such a large retail presence in many markets suppliers are reluctant to take a strong stand against WalMart because, to be honest, they need the business.


Oft times vendors, who have to service a WalMart store, must put up with rude receiving personnel and sometimes ridiculous check-in policies which all adds time and expense and loss of revenues to many of these independent food vendors. All this hassle for less profit than they get at another major food store in the area, who treat them kindly and with respect. Granted all stores want to get the best price they can get from a supplier and suppliers want to offer a good product at a competitive price to remain on store shelves. But when suppliers are basically told that you will cut your cost or else you will be kicked out of the store, it makes for a very tenuous business relationship.


WalMart’s reasoning I guess is they are the big dog in town and if you want to be in their store then you will play by their rules. It is okay for a supplier to lose money just so WalMart can remain on top.

While WalMart is asking suppliers to cut their profit margins to lower the acquisition costs to the stores Wal-Mart has been investing in higher wages, meaning they are increasing their cost of doing business on the backs of their suppliers.

Of late, Walmmart has been feeling that its price advantage against competitors has eroded and is losing market share in the U.S. after the recession ended. The rivals, including Kroger Co. and Costco Wholesale Corp gained good share, according to consultancy Kantar Retail. Even, many dollar stores and other discounters are undercutting Walmart in price, which is the chief selling point. 


Wal-Mart rolled out an app last year called Savings Catcher, which helps shoppers compare prices on merchandise and then pays them the cost differences on a gift card.

About half of the receipts that the app has processed so far have qualified for a refund because it found lower prices at different stores.


Competition is a good thing in America, and when you are number one there are many who will try to take your spot. Since I have been  servicing WalMart stores my shopping preferences have changed. I seldom shop at WalMart any more.


There are many reasons for this, one is since the death of Sam Walton and the new corporate policies and leadership, WalMart is not the same community minded store it once was. Now it seems the only thing they are interested in is profit. I have been treated very rudely both as a vendor to the chain as well as a customer. It does not take too many bad experiences to sour a person on a store even if they advertise low prices, which this report shows is not actually true.


In addition to the lack of customer service, when you do need to inquire about a product their product knowledge is lacking in many areas. If you know what you want and just want to grab something off the shelf and wait in long lines to check-out then WalMart is the place to go, but if you want, or need, actual customer service steer clear


Meanwhile, many were surprised at Walmart’s open stand on gay issues. It has publicly urged Arkansas’s Republican governor to veto a bill that allegedly discriminates against gays and lesbians. This position of the retail giant marked a turning point in its own journey in gay rights.


It may be recalled that when Sam Walton started the company in 1962 in Rogers, Arkansas, it was full of small-town conservatism.


The retailer was even reluctant to sell music with explicit lyrics. That conservatism engulfed matters of sexual orientation also. Over the years, it has changed and Walmart made significant shifts in its LGBT stand and extended its anti-discrimination policy to gay and lesbian employees in 2003. Responding to the new policy on gay rights, a Walmart spokesman said the company “has a long history of working with our associates to build a diverse and inclusive environment that respects all individuals.”

The only thing they are not including in their business decisions are all the conservative customers they have to do business with. So these conservative customers, suppliers and shoppers alike, are looking to take their business elsewhere. And many apparently are.

Since WalMart took such a strong stance against Religious liberty in their home state, I will shop at WalMart if I can not get what I want anywhere else, which is pretty unlikely. I do not mind paying a few cents more to be treated with respect, both as a customer and as a vendor.

And that is the way I see it! What say you?

Disclaimer: I have dealt with some really great WalMart stores with friendly personnel as well as some stores with rude and even mean management. Therefore not all stores are bad, many are but not all.

I have been around long enough to notice a definite change in the WalMart philosophy since the death of Sam Walton.

See on Scoop.itEagle Views

New York City council is currently drafting legislation that would allow all legal residents, regardless of US citizenship, the right to vote in city elections…


Yes indeed my friends the push is on to give our country away.

See on Scoop.itEagle Views

The Bible does not tell Christians to deny goods and services to gay people, but Zo thinks liberals should stop using the Bible to bully Christians. via AlfonzoRachel


This whole media created fire storm around Indiana’s RFRA law demonstrates once again that liberals are not the party of unity, peace, tolerance, and forgiveness. Rather more and more they are demonstrating that they are the party of division, hatred, fear mongering, intolerance, and antichrist in action.


However whenever it suits their political agenda, or they wish to excite the crowd against Christ, the liberals will misquote scripture in order to lend some pretend cover to their sinister plots. With their mouths they pretend to praise Him by citing His word when it suits them but their actions betray them.


Alfonzo Rachel has done a good job in explaining this hypocrisy in this video "Jesus Had Two Dads". This is just one of many distortions the lawless left use in order to promote their godless behavior and lifestyles, while at the same time they use the bible to beat back those who uphold the bible and its teachings by suggesting that the bible doesn’t mean what it so plainly teaches.

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