The Super Bowl: The battle that decides it all

Super Bowl MetroCards

Super Bowl MetroCards (Photo credit: MTAPhotos)

Today most of America, and perhaps much of the world will be focused on a great playing field in which two opposing teams battle it out to see who is the best. This annual event is perhaps the biggest sporting event in history and draws 10’s of millions of viewers. Large sums of money are spent each year on super bowl advertising to capture the attention of the viewing audience, with the hopes of raking in huge profits off the popularity of the game.

As all eyes are focused on MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey where the Seattle Seahawks will battle the Denver Broncos for the chance to be crowned Super Bowl Champions, I would like us to look further east to another battle field where the champion of the world is to be crowned.

Who are the contestants of this great battle? A common reply would be “Russia, Syria, or Iran against Israel.” As the Middle East simmers toward a boiling point, and as U.S., British, and Israeli intelligence watch closely Iran’s quest for a nuclear bomb which might even be used against America. Millions of Christians, Jews, Muslims, and even secularists are pondering, “Is the Battle of Armageddon at hand?”

The word “Armageddon” only occurs in Revelation 16:16,

“Then they gathered the kings together to the place that in Hebrew is called Armageddon.”

This speaks of the kings who are loyal to the Antichrist gathering together for a final assault on Israel. At Armageddon “the cup filled with the wine of the fury of [God’s] wrath” (Revelation 16:19) will be delivered, and the Antichrist and his followers will be overthrown and defeated.

Interestingly, no place on earth actually bears the name Armageddon, and the above passage is the only mention of it in scripture and hence it is assumed that this is what scripture refers to but is it? The Greek is most commonly thought to be a transliteration of the Hebrew har megiddo, literally, “mountain of Megiddo.”

The Mount of Megiddo is in the plain of Esdraelon or Jezreel, a valley fourteen by twenty miles in size located to the southwest of Nazareth. Here, it is thought by many, that the great last battle of Armageddon will be fought at the end of time.

There will be a multitude of people engaged in the battle of Armageddon, as all the nations gather together to fight against Christ.

The scene: History’s last “Super Bowl. Final contestants: The Powers of Evil vs. the Power of God. Nature of conflict: Military. Epicenter: A small valley northwest of Jerusalem where all the armies of the world will converge for the battle of the ages.

In Old Testament days, Cyrus came from “the east” to conquer Babylon (Isaiah 44:26-28; 46:11). The word, “east,” means “sun rising,” and the name, “Cyrus,” means, “sun.” Cyrus came not to attack the Jews, but as their Deliverer, and again, Cyrus was a type of Jesus Christ, the “Sun of righteousness” Malachi 4:2.

In Revelation, God’s angels come from the east (7:2), and Jesus Himself said,

As the lightning comes out of the east, and shines even to the west; so shall also the coming of the Son of man beMatthew 24:27.

Therefore just as Cyrus came from the east to deliver literal Israel from the clutches of literal Babylon, even so will King Jesus descend from the eastern skies with “the armies which were in heaven” (19:14) to conquer spiritual Babylon and to deliver “the Israel of God” (spiritual Israel) at the battle of Armageddon!

The so-called “battle of Armageddon” represents the apex, the climax, the last battle in Revelation.

Throughout Revelation we’ve seen Middle East terms like the “seven golden candlesticks,” (1:20), “Jezebel” (2:20), “Mount Zion,” (14:1), “Jerusalem,” (3:12), “the temple” (11:19), “Sodom and Egypt” (11:8), “Euphrates” (16:12) and “Babylon” (17:5) used in a Christ centered, heavenly, spiritual sense.

When it comes to the “battle of Armageddon,” which is a term depicting the grand finale in the book of Revelation, does it make sense for God’s last book to suddenly shift gears away from its thematic focus by pinpointing a literal, local, high-tech, Middle East-based conflagration involving Russians, Chinese, Syrians, and literal Jews?

We don’t have to guess. The answer is in the context surrounding Revelation 16:16.

  • The battle of Armageddon involves “the kings of the earth and of the whole world” (16:14), which could not possibly fit inside the valley of Megiddo.
  • Revelation’s focus is “the temple of heaven” (16:17), not a supposedly soon to be rebuilt Jewish temple on earth.
  • The effects of the battle of Armageddon are global, far beyond the Middle East (16:18-20).
  • The primary system identified as being destroyed at the battle of Armageddon is spiritual “Babylon” (16:19), not Russia, China or Syria.

In essence, the “battle of Armageddon” the last “Super Bowl” depicts the last battle between King Jesus and His heavenly armies ( Rev 19:11-19) against the worldwide forces of Satan referred to in the Apocalypse as “Mystery Babylon.

At Jesus’ Second Coming, the devil loses, and his global kingdom comes crashing down. Jesus doesn’t need to nuke His foes, but only to use His “sharp two-edged sword” (Rev 1:16; 19:15) which represents His Word of truth (Ephesians 6:17).

When Christ descends from the east, He will deliver “Israel” from the clutches of “Babylon.” But which Israel will He deliver? According to the thematic genius of the entire book of Revelation, it must be “the Israel of God” (Galatians 6:16) centered in Jesus Christ whose home and dwelling place is the “New Jerusalem” Revelation 21:10.

In conclusion, the Middle East remains a powder keg and the U.S. struggle against Muslim radicals continues, and there’s no end in sight. In the midst of such a hot-bed of contention, millions of politically active Christians believe God Himself is not only behind modern Israel, but that He will finally annihilate the enemies of the Jewish State at the battle of Armageddon.

In this great “Super Bowl” of all time, the battle to end all battles, the fight is not a battle between Nation states but a battle between righteousness and truth, and the forces of unrighteousness and untruth. You see this great “Super Bowl” will encompass the entirety of humanity in a final showdown of good and evil, truth triumphing over the lies and the deceptions of the evil one.

God will  ultimately judge between right and wrong. His arm will be outstretched to fight against all the enemies of God, who hate his laws, and wage war against his commandments. He will show no favoritism! No denominational ties or affiliations will be able to save you from the wrath of God to be poured out upon all flesh which has partaken of the Harlot’s deceptions. Just like Eve of old, who offered the poisoned fruit to her husband for him to eat, so too has the ‘mother church’ offered the poisoned pill of deception to her children down through the ages. Only those who have refused to partake of this great deception will be spared from the wrath that is to come.

Those who have an ear hear what the Spirit is saying to the church!

Then I heard another voice from heaven say: “Come out of her, my people, so that you will not share in her sins, so that you will not receive any of her plagues;  Rev 18:4 (NIV)

Image.gifThis is a view from the nest. What say you?

But those who are waiting for the Lord will have new strength; they will get wings like eagles: running, they will not be tired, and walking, they will have no weariness. Isaiah 40:31 (BBE)

Along for the journey


This has been A View from the Nest. The statements, comments, or opinions expressed are solely that of the author and do not represent the views or opinions of the host of this site or any affiliates thereof. Any questions or comments should be directed to myself and not to the host or hosts of this site.

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Obama Debates Founding Fathers

The talk of the town is the upcoming Presidential Debate tomorrow evening and as such I thought I would ponder what would happen if President Obama had to actually debate our founders. Here in their own words are their rebuttals to Obama’s many accusations.

Taxes and Debt

Obama likes to say: “Are we going to double-down on the top-down economic policies that helped to get us into this mess? Or do we embrace a new economic patriotism?”And in response we could note that Obama Tax that has effected every working American citizen since he took office. Median household income has declined by $4,520 (8.2 percent) across the board since this president took office. That is the Obama Tax already in place even before the Bush tax cuts are scheduled to expire on Jan 1 2013.

First up in response to taxes we turn to Thomas Jefferson:

“The principle of spending money to be paid by posterity, under the name of funding, is but swindling futurity on a large-scale.” And if 6 trillion dollars in new deficit spending isn’t large-scale swindling I do not know what is.

Point for Jefferson.

Next up…

Obama’s It’s not my fault I inherited a crisis.

In the first debate Obama repeatedly invoked his now-familiar refrain about the financial crisis he “inherited”: “When I walked into the Oval Office, I had more than a trillion-dollar deficit greeting me. And we know where it came from…”

Yes we do actually. It’s true that the economy Obama inherited wasn’t the solid recovery that began some months after 9/11 under President George W. Bush and his Republican Congress. Instead, it was the gravely weakened economy of Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and Harry Reid (D-NV) and their Democrat congressional majorities in both houses. On January 3, 2007, the date that the Democrat-controlled 110th Congress took office after a record 52 months of job growth accelerated by Bush administration tax cuts, unemployment was at 4.6 percent, and the economy was growing at three times the current rate.

Let’s turn to former President James Wilson for his response to Obama’s claims of inheriting a mess.

“[The President] is the dignified, but accountable magistrate of a free and great people.” –James Wilson

Ultimately it is the job of the President to look after the affairs of the state, and if he sees a problem it is his responsibility to discuss that problem. After all Obama asked us for the job of inheriting Bush’s fiscal mess. I guess he thought if Bush could get away with out-of-control spending then he could get away with even more.

Next up Jobs:

Obama will insist that the latest jobs numbers support his economic plan — “We found out the unemployment rate fell to its lowest rate since I took office. It’s a reminder this country has come too far to turn back now.”(in spite of all his efforts to shut it down completely)

Obama will then try to back-up his claim with another report from the Dept of Labor. A DoL report noting that weekly jobless claims dropped by 30,000 to a mere 364,000 new unemployment claims, lower than it was when Obama was elected —

But if you take time to read the fine print in the DoL data you will find this:

“One large state didn’t report some quarterly figures.” That “one large state” would happen to be the nation’s largest state, California, and a DoL analyst concluded that the “missing figures” account for most of the decline. ( in other words there was no decline, it was an accounting trick)

John Adams what do you have to say to this?

“Facts are stubborn things; and whatever may be our wishes, our inclination, or the dictates of our passions, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence.”

Facts have never stopped a democrat before, and I am sure they will not stop Obama now.

Next up the 47% comment

Vice President Joe Biden couldn’t help himself but to hammer Paul Ryan with the 47% comment over and over as if to imply that the Romney Ryan ticket is not concerned about these people.

Let’s start by saying 47% of Americans pay no federal income taxes is correct, it also coincides with Obama’s current support in the polls — and that was the basis for Romney saying they will not support him and thereby he is not concerned about trying to reach them.

By contrast Obama believes 100 percent of Americans are dependent on government, as he made plain in his now-infamous assertion, ‘You didn’t build that. Somebody else [read: “government”] made that happen.’ The Democrat plan envisions that all Americans would be enslaved on the government plantation.” and looking to government for their needs to be met.

Benjamin Frankly chimes in with a response to this argument:

“Repeal that [welfare] law, and … industry will increase, and with it plenty among the lower people; their circumstances will mend, and more will be done for their happiness by inuring them to provide for themselves, than could be done by dividing all your estates among them.”

And this explains why democrats are always opposed to welfare reform. By changing welfare into workfare you enable an individual to mend their own circumstances and thusly they are no longer looking to the government for help. Well stated Ben.

You see folks Democrats could care less what hardships you face in life as long as you are dependent upon them to bring you limited relief. They do not wish to see you prosper but rather they want you to stay as you are or even get progressively worse, because by so doing they will increase in their own power and influence in your life, thus depriving you of liberty and making you a slave to the state. Republicans believe in personal freedom.

James Madison wanted to jump into this discussion with this:

“If Congress can do whatever in their discretion can be done by money, and will promote the General Welfare, the Government is no longer a limited one, possessing enumerated powers, but an indefinite one, subject to particular exceptions.”

Next up Foreign Policy

Obama is going to do his best to avoid any talk about Libya and the consulate raid and later deaths. The news outlets are falling all over themselves to find someone to pin the blame on but actually the buck stops with the White House and the commander-in-chief, Barry O.

Libya is just the latest symptom of a larger problem, and that is Obama’s appeasement of our enemies — from his apology tour following his election, to his continual snubbing of our most significant ally in the Middle East, Israel. He seems to have time to appear on many television programs and fund-raising tours but he can not seem to find the time to actually meet with foreign leaders to discuss the Middle East meltdown.

John Adams boldly condemns Obama on this issue when he said:

“National defense is one of the cardinal duties of a statesman.”

Yes indeed Mr Adams, I am sure fund-raising, golfing, family vacations, late night television appearances are just as important too! Right?

Oh there is more how about Fund-raising Irregularities?

The issue of illegal foreign and fraudulent on-line campaign donations is important, and yet another reason not to trust Obama.

What do you have to say about that  Mr Adams?

“If an election … can be procured by a party through artifice or corruption, the Government may be the choice of a party for its own ends, not of the nation for the national good.” –John Adams

Our closing remarks on this debate are brought to you by none other than George Washington and Noah Webster.

“A few short weeks will determine the political fate of America for the present generation, and probably produce no small influence on the happiness of society through a long succession of ages to come.”George Washington

‘In selecting men for office, let principle be your guide. Regard not the particular sect or denomination of the candidate — look to his character.’ Noah Webster

Our nation is at such a turning point and I ask us all to look at the character of the men who want to be our leaders and decide which one holds to the highest standard in personal conduct and character. Let prudence by your guide.

And that is the way I see it. What say you?

This has been A View from the Nest. The statements, comments, or opinions expressed are solely that of the author and do not represent the views or opinions of the host of this site or any affiliates thereof. Any questions or comments should be directed to myself and not to the host or hosts of this site.
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Don’t Be Duped by the Enemies Ruse

“The men of Israel sampled their provisions but did not inquire of the LORD” (Joshua 9:14).

The Israelites Leaving EgyptWhen Joshua and the Israelites entered the Promised Land, they fought many battles. In fact, they fought 39 battles in the Promised Land compared to only two in their exodus from Egypt. God instructed them to wipe out all their enemies completely.The very reason God was giving the land to the Israelites was because of the sin of these nations Israel was to now occupy. God said he was going to drive out all the inhabitants of this land because they had a long history of sin against God. God had instructed Joshua to not make any compromises with these people because God had rejected them and wanted them defeated not befriended.

The more battles the Israelites won under the direction of God and Joshua, the more their reputation preceded them as they entered new territories. The enemies knew they were toast if they came against the Israelites. The enemies knew God was marching with the Israelites and their demise was eminent. Success was on the side of the Israelites.

Such was the case when Joshua and the people came into the land where the Gibeonites lived. The Gibeonites knew they were as good as dead if they didn’t do something. So, they dressed up in old, worn clothes and posed as foreigners passing through. They asked Joshua and the people to make a peace treaty with them.  They pretended to be wanderers from a far off country and was seeking refuge among the Israelites. The feigned to be interested in working with their opposition to infiltrate the opposing camp and then work from within to weaken the Israelite’s resolve,

The scriptures tell us that Joshua and the people made a treaty with them because they did not inquire of God about these people. They assumed what they said was true. The leadership along with the people made a fatal mistake by not seeking out the true intentions of those who were seeking to make a treaty with them. They did not inquire of God to see what the TRUTH was behind the Gibeonites actions. They took them at their word, they trusted that they were being truthful, they trusted the Gibeonites had pure intentions.

They were wrong!

They had been deceived. They now had to pay the consequences. Those consequences resulted in having to work to avoid cross-tribal marriages while they had to make an entire people their slaves. This was something God never intended them to have to do. The relationship was a source of compromise for the Israelites that made them susceptible to future compromises. Trying to keep the infestation contained to only the Gibeonites was next to impossible since the enemy was now living within their own ranks. This day-to-day contact with the opposition weakened the Israelites position since now they had to constantly monitor their own ranks to watch for compromise among the ranks and file.

This initial compromise weakened the position of the entire nation because now their message was no longer pure and their mission was now distorted. How could they drive out and defeat the remaining enemies of the land after having made a COMPROMISE deal with one group? How could they justify continued annihilation of the remaining occupants of the land while they had in their own ranks survivors of that culture?

Thus is the problem with making deals with those who are opposed to your viewpoints or way of life. If the Gibeonites were honorable people they would have begged for mercy based on their TRUE IDENTITIES and admit their true intentions and offer to change their position and embrace the beliefs and pursue the same purpose as the Israelites. But they did not do that, they pretended to be someone they were not to play upon the mercy of the Israelites. They tricked them into believing they were not the enemy but were somehow mistreated by others and were seeking the sympathy of the Israelites.

We see this RUSE today in our own country as foreigners move in among us pretending to be victims of some injustice in other parts of the world. These modern-day Gibeonites play upon America’s compassion to help those who are less fortunate, but these folks have no intentions of conforming to the American way of life, nor adopt the American traditions and customs, instead they adhere to their own identities and infiltrate our institutions to corrupt them and get them to compromise and gradually accept the foreigner’s world view and agendas.  This weakens the county.

Israel today is being asked to COMPROMISE with an occupying force the Palestinians while the Palestinians have no intentions on compromising their position or intentions. They are intent on eliminating Israel and taking over the country for themselves. Therefore it would be a fool’s errand to make a treaty with these enemies of the state. And yet that is exactly what they are being asked to do. And that is exactly what the enemies of the American way of life want us to do as well.

Let us not make the same mistake Joshua made, instead let us inquire of God and seek out the TRUE identities and intentions of these strangers among us.

That is the way I see it! What say you?

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In Times of Need Be a Good Neighbor

Children’s television icon Mr. Rodgers welcomed us into his neighborhood each week and talked about being good neighbors. As natural disasters strike our neighbors across the seas, let us remember to be good neighbors.

Christian wallpaper Mark 12:31
A friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for a difficult time. Proverbs 17:17 (HCSB)

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A Time for Peace in the Middle East?

Christian wallpaper Matthew 5:9
As long as there are people living in the Middle East and elsewhere who are at war with Israel there can be no peace in the Middle East.

Furthermore, at that time the son who was conceived in a natural way (Ishmael) persecuted the son conceived in a spiritual way (Isaac). That’s exactly what’s happening now (Arab and Jews). But what does Scripture say? “Get rid of the slave woman and her son (Ishmaelites or Islamists), because the son of the slave woman must never share the inheritance with the son of the free woman (Jews or Israel).” Galatians 4:29-30 (GW)

This war will continue until the end of time when Jesus comes back to fight on behalf of His chosen nation.

Now then there is a religion of peace on Earth and good will toward all men, the religion of Christ, Christianity.

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