“The authorities claim he had no access to water or shelter.  We have an open shed in the back yard and 2 working sinks and 2 hoses.  They said he had no food.  He ate his snacks already.  He had no bathroom, but the responding officer found our yard good enough to relieve himself in while our son sat in a police car alone.  In his own yard, in a state,  Florida, that has no minimum age for children to be alone.”

Sourced through Scoop.it from: reason.com

How does the STATE get so much power to control our lives? Because too many folks want the GOVERNMENT to do something, rather than taking care of their own business, and in this case minding their own business.

This boy was in no danger, was not being abused, was playing happily in his own yard, but somehow the government sees this as a felonious act.

Now then if this child was playing in the street with a gun or burning down buildings, or rioting, or breaking and entering in a city like Baltimore the police are told to STAND DOWN.

Yep I think we have left the realm of reason and entered the twilight zone…cue music.

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