3 Powerful Gospel Truths for Addressing Homosexuality and other Sins

Source: www.biblestudytools.com

The most important thing to remember is that all of us are SINNERS. There is not a righteous man or woman among us. The only hope for mankind is through Jesus Christ who died for all our sins and makes a way for us to live godly lives in a godless world.


The key to all our sinful desires and struggles is to understand that apart from God we can do nothing. We are powerless toward sin apart from the empowering of the Holy Spirit of God through Christ Jesus our Lord.


Who then can be saved Peter asked Jesus. His reply was that with man it is impossible but nothing is impossible for God. There are no man-made remedies for our fallen sin nature. There are no rituals or therapies we can utilize that will HEAL us from the affects of our sin nature. Oh yes we maybe able to delay the devastating results but we are powerless to cure the disease of sin, only through Christ can we find rest for our souls.


Now then only if you are willing to accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior will you ever have any hope of ‘abundant life’. If you continue to resist the only hope of salvation then you are and will ever be dead in your trespasses and sin, there is no hope for you apart from a relationship with the hope giver Jesus Christ.


Always remember and never forget that God hates sin. Primarily because it causes great harm to those he loves. So if you do not hate sin as well then you hate God and you hate yourself because you are willing to let sin rule your life and by so doing allow yourself to be destroyed by that sin.


The bottom line is simple: We all need Jesus. Some will accept that truth many will reject that truth. Those who reject the truth will forever be bond by their desires for sin. Those who accept the truth will be given power from on high to resist the tempter. Will we ever be sinless? Not as long as we live in the flesh, but we can overcome the world through the power of the Gospel of Christ.


Choose you today which path you wish to travel. The road that leads to life and hope or the one that leads to your own demise.

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