Google Hires a Gaggle of Lobbyists to Fight New Government Regulations

The enemy is within folks. When businesses have to first conjole the government before they can think about expansion and developement we are off the reservation. To think that a company even needs to hire one lobbying firm let alone 12 is a sad state of the American business climate. All these politicians want is a piece of the pie and they are seeking the highest bidder to pay to play so to speak. This has been going on under both GOP and Dem leadership and has to stop.

The whole lobbying scene gives new meaning to capital hill. Bring your capital to the hill and we will then decide if you can do business in America.

The biggest hurdle to job creation is the federal government. It is time to tame this shrew. What say you?

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Google's headquarters is located in Mountain View, Calif. | AP Photo

A federal probe of Google’s search industry dominance has the company mobilizing in Washington: It announced Friday it would hire 12 new lobbying firms in a move that will grow its Beltway footprint, influence and balance sheet.

It will likely be a mix of new, outside Democratic and Republican pickups taking Google’s message to Congress, the FTC and beyond. Their chief goal is to explain Google’s business model, push back against antitrust affronts and further work on other issues affecting the company, including online privacy and copyright reform.

Debates are raging on Capitol Hill over potential new rules of the road for Web companies and online advertisers — and those conversations could have serious impact on Google’s bottom line. Meanwhile, congressional interest in reforming copyright laws and addressing Internet freedom also draw Google into the political fray.



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