The Real Fat Cats Are Not on Wall Street

Why should PUBLIC Employees make almost twice as much as their private sector counterparts?

After all it is OUR MONEY they are using to pay themselves. Think about it the next time our taxes are increased. They cry POVERTY and NO MONEY and yet they continue to HIRE new employees and increase their pay rate at twice the inflation rate. When was the last time you got a pay raise at TWICE the inflation rate? Do you get an automatic COST OF LIVING increase every year? I think not.

Time to give all these public employees pink slips.

These public employees are not exactly feeding from the dumpsters around town either. They are treating themselves to the best of everything.

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Money 2A USA Today analysis of federal salary data finds that federal employees making salaries of $100,000 or more jumped from 14 to 19 percent of civil servants during the recession’s first 18 months. According to the paper, the growth in six-figure salaries has pushed the average federal worker’s pay to $71,000, compared with $40,000 in the private sector.

“While private sector employees have had a drop of over seven million jobs, and millions of private sector workers are now unemployed, government employment is actually increased by almost 200,000 jobs in Washington,” he reports.  “Private sector employees are bearing all the pain and making all the sacrifices while government employees basically aren’t feeling any of it.”
although a lot of government offices do require more highly skilled workers, federal employees are still overpaid as they receive about a 50-percent compensation premium above equivalently skilled private sector employees.

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