University of Arkansas Steps Up Racial Controversy

And yet another cry of foul comes bellowing out of the ashes of racial equality. I watched this video and from what I saw these girls where being cheered wildly for their step routine. When it came time to announce the winners of the $100,000 scholarship check you can clearly hear the audience shouting Zeta Tau Alpha as their pick. There does not seem to be the tiniest hint of racial tension or discrimination taking place in that auditorium.

So then were exactly does this racial tension come from? Who is it that cried fowl? Was it the second place team because they were not able to arouse the audience to root for them as well as the Arkansas team did? This sounds more like POOR SPORTSMANSHIP to this old bird and not anything racial. If this competition was to be a Black only event then this Arkansas team should not have even been allowed to compete. If there was an entrance fee to pay and every team paid their fair then, like any other competition, there can only be one winner. The loser here I believe is Sprite for acquiescing to racial pressure and awarding a second $100,000 scholarship.

It is apparent to this writer that the only place racial discrimination seems to rear its ugly head is in the so called “establishment” mentality. It is all this POLITICAL correctness that is mudding the waters of social harmony. It is segregationist thinking being propagated by organizations seeking their own aggrandizement that continues to fuel the flames of racial divisiveness. These organizations and their associated leaders have long ago lost relevancy but yet they continue to manufacture relevance by stirring racial tension at every opportunity afforded them. These same organizations would argue over the amount of Vanilla ice cream served versus Chocolate in an ice cream parlor if they could garner prestige and relevance by doing so.

To the ladies of Arkansas University I say WELL DONE! To those propagating racial unrest I say take a seat, your time has come and gone. And to Sprite I say shame on you for caving to this contrivance of a controversy. Everyone present had a fair chance of winning and there was not even a hint of partiality or discrimination shown in the awarding of the initial scholarship. In fact you would have thought the girls from Arkansas would not have had an even chance in a sport dominated by the African American culture. Yet the crowd loved them.

To those crying foul here is your DODO bird award! Eagle out!

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