As Unemployment Rate Reaches 9.2% Obama Praises Stimulus Success

The unemployment rate increases and Obama says his stimulus package worked. He points to the money sent to states to prop up their public sector union jobs as creating or saving bunches of jobs. The only thing this proves to a thinking man is that too much money is being wasted on public sector union employees and it is stifling the private sector. If states can not afford to pay these huge benefit packages without turning to Washington for taxpayer support then the contracts need to be re-negotiated not bailed out.

THIS INSANITY has got to stop. Vote conservative in 2012. For this and other nonsensical things this President says and does he wins this week’s DoDo Bird award hands down.

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Our biggest priority of this administration is getting the economy back on track and putting people back to work. Now, without re-litigating the past, I am absolutely convinced and the vast majority of economists are convinced that the steps we took in the recovery act saved millions of people their jobs, or created a whole bunch of jobs. And, part of the evidence of that, as you see instances of the recovery act phasing out. When I came into office and budgets were hemorrhaging at the state level. Part of the recovery act was giving states help so they wouldn’t have to lay off teachers, police officers and firefighters. As we’ve seen that federal support for states diminish, we’ve seen the biggest job losses in the public sector — teachers, police officers, firefighters, losing their jobs. So, my strong preference would be for us to figure out ways that we can continue to provide help across the board. But I’m operating within some political constraints, because whatever I do, has to go through the House of Representatives. What that means then is, among the options that are available to us is for example the payroll tax cut.



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