Family Viewing Coming to NBC Friday Night

With the economy being tight this would be a good night to stay home with the family and pop some microwave popcorn and tune into NBC at 8PM for Secrets of the Mountain.

clipped from

of the Mountain
the debut product in Walmart’s Family Moments campaign.
It is not a Christian film, but it promotes wholesome family values in a
positive manner, has no objectionable content and is totally
. A Wall Street Journal article in February
reported that Procter & Gamble spent more than $4.5 million to produce the
film and Walmart purchased rights to be the presenting

excited to tell you that Walmart and Procter & Gamble have joined in an
effort to produce a rare milestone – a family friendly movie on
prime-time TV this Friday evening (April 16), on NBC at 8pm/7pm

movie is action-packed and well-produced. It evokes images of Indiana Jones
style adventure. Watch the


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