The Fall of the Roman Empire: Is America Following the Same Course?

The similarities are too many to ignore. Remember God is not a respecter of persons, if he punished one society for their lawlessness and debauchery He is most likely to do the same for all others who follow after the same course. If God destroyed both Sodom and Gomorrah, and the late Roman Empire, America is not immune to his wrath.

There are many in America who have cried out against this debasement of our society, most often they are ignored or worse ridiculed and lambasted. Those who espouse decency are declared extremist and radical while all those who promote the killing of children and immoral sexual debasement are called champions of civil-rights.

Be warned! God is not mocked! What he done before he will surely do again!

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The culture of the Roman world was brutal and nasty. Ironically, we see its worst practices reviving with vigor. Please give us a moment as we recount a history seldom taught today’s students.

The Roman Empire had a twisted view about the value of human life. These views were banished by the ascendency of Christ’s teaching. Infanticide was both legal and encouraged in ancient Rome. Pagan societies, such as the Carthaginians, Romans and Greeks went so far as to kill their children outside the womb, sometimes as a religious sacrifice to their gods. According to Plutarch, the Carthaginians “offered up their own children, and those who had no children would buy little ones from poor people and cut their throats as if they were so many lambs of young birds; meanwhile the mothers stood by without a tear or moan.”

We see a modern American society which looks at children as a burden, and a generation of mothers who have decided by their own “choice” to sacrifice a generation. Population control is now an international objective.

Roman views on homosexuality were closer to today’s views than many realize. Pundit Nathaniel Blake characterizes it this way: “But, the Roman conception of same-sex relationships was very different than that of the modern West. The most important factors in the Roman view seem to have been the status and role of the partners. The Romans did not consider homosexual or heterosexual identities as exclusive from one another. While bisexuality was common, strict homosexuality was all but unknown. Unlike the modern view, social class mattered a great deal in the acceptability of homosexual relations. The upper classes were much more likely to indulge in homosexual acts, and masters had the sexual use of their slaves.” It was common to see an older man who held dominance over a younger male, using him for sexual pleasure.

Finally, we see the debasement of money and profligacy of the state. Today taxpayers fund stadiums for the “games.” Roman emperors don’t hold a candle to the US Congress and the Federal Reserve in the looting of the public coffers and destruction of money.

In this, Roman Emperor Caracalla comes to mind. In addition to murdering his brother, Caracalla is mostly remembered for granting Roman citizenship to every Freeman in the empire. Caracalla’s goal was to broaden the tax base to pay for his extravagant spending. He raised the inheritance tax so he could double public salaries and win the allegiance of the legions. His public works are still on display today. If you visit Rome, you can see the ruins of the gigantic “Baths of Caracalla.”

His final contribution rivals the Federal Reserve. The silver denarius was an innovation in sound money introduced by Emperor Augustus. It was 95 percent silver like America’s pre- 1964 coinage, and the denarius lead to greatly improved honest trade around the empire. Caracalla, in his drive to increase spending, changed it to a coin with only 50 percent silver.

It took later emperors to debase it as far as the Federal Reserve has debased America’s currency. By 268 AD the denarius was only 0.5 percent silver. The result was predictable, as prices rose throughout the empire by up to 1,000 percent. Soon the “barbarians” hired by the emperor as mercenaries would not accept the denarius as payment, and insisted on being paid in gold.

Such manipulations by Roman leaders are legendary, but Americans who fail to understand history are doomed to repeat it. The moral and financial collapse of Rome lead to a renaissance of morality and the “Christian Era.” We can only hope that the accelerating American collapse leads to a return of the time tested honest culture that celebrates life, prudently shuns sexual immorality, and with commerce flourishing after a return to honest money.



2 thoughts on “The Fall of the Roman Empire: Is America Following the Same Course?

  1. Of course, the United States is going the cway of the Roman Empire. Beginning with adulteration of the currency, the corruption has moved into constant wars of conquest.
    It’s why I ask Christians why they’re working for the Devil.

    1. Why do you ask why Christians are working for the devil? Could you elaborate a bit? I am curious as to what you think working for the devil is? Does holdling political office equate to working for the devil? If so does that mean working for the American people is satanic? Are you calling all American citizens devils or just Christians? Or is it you really do not have a valid argument but just thought you would drop a verbal bomb and skirt off to cyber corner and hide until the next time you can snipe someone’s post? Here is your chance to actually offer a valid argument. Tag your it.

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