Well I am sure some white people lie but I know at least one black person who also lies all the time. His name is Barak Hussein Obama. So to be fair and non-partisan White President Bill Clinton lied about Monica Lewinski, White Vice-President Al Gore lied about global warming, White Vice-President Joe Biden lied about the summer of recovery, Black congressman Charlie Rangel lied about his finances and lied to the IRS, and half-white President Obama lies just about everytime he opens his mouth. So yes white people lie but so do black folks. But perhaps Obama is not considered to be black since he is half-white.

Now then I wonder if the good reverend Wright will preach that from his racist pulpit? Naw I think not! Talk about hate speech!

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‘Whites Are Liars’ Obama’s 20 year Mentor Rev. Wright Tells Church Youth All Whites Are Liars

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