Duggars Out at TLC, and Jazz is in!

TLC’s most watched show since 2008 may have been the Duggar family reality series “19 Kids and Counting,” but even that impressive standing wasn’t enough to keep the feature alive in the face of a molestation scandal that emerged about one of the sons, 27-year-old Josh.
TLC announced it’s canceled the show, the Associated Press reported.
The […]

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Well TLC home to shows like My Sister Wives, Strange Sex, My Five  Wives, and All About Sex, has cancelled the long running reality show 19 Kids and Counting. Citing the bad publicity over the revelation that while a teen 27 yr old Josh had touched his sisters and a couple family friends inappropriately. That was more than 10 yrs ago, and yet that is the reason given for pulling the show.


The Duggars are not quiet when it comes to their Christian values and I suspect it is because they are so vocal about what they believe that the network decided to pull the show. 19 Kids and Counting was one of their highest rated shows on their network.

Drudging up decades old incidents in an obvious attempt to besmirch the family and damage the image the Duggars have lived out in front of the cameras for 10 seasons is shameful particularly when the records of a juvenile were supposed to be sealed.

Anyway not to be undone TLC has announced that a new family is moving onto their airwaves, the Jennings family staring their transgendered son Jazz. Add this to the list of other family shows currently airing on TLC, shows like My Five Wives, or My Sister Wives, one can see that there really isn’t much room for a family of Christian believers with a skeleton or two in their closets.

I watched the premier episode of I Am Jazz and broke out in tears at the abuse that was being handed out by the parents of their young child. The abuse being presented as normative is in my opinion worse than anything Josh Duggar admitted to doing. Of course that is only my opinion, but I watched as a now 14 year old Jazz Jennings, who was born a biological male, wrestles with the mental conflicts of attempting to self-identify as a female, all with her parents support.

According to the show:

Jazz Jennings was born a boy and ‘longed to be a girl’ from age threeBegan life as a girl at her fifth birthday party, wearing a rainbow swimsuit
So a three year old has the mental capacity and the cognitive thinking skills required to understand these things? He at this very young impressionable age just knew he was not a boy?

I did gather from watching the premier episode that as a youngster Jazz formed a very strong bond with his older sister which might explain a great deal of his wanting to be like her rather than his older twin brothers.

Anyway Jazz wore a rainbow swimsuit at his fifth birthday party which is when the show says he began life as a girl. Okay hold the phone for just a minute, Jazz is biologically still a boy, he has boy parts inside and outside, he is only able to appear as a girl because his parents have him taking hormone blocking drugs which prevent him from maturing into a man, so instead he has more feminine features but still has male organs.

In one of the scenes from the show Jazz had some girls from his school over for a sleep over and they were talking like young teen girls do about boys and maturing, and Jazz commented about not getting boobs. Well Jazz guys are not supposed to develop breasts since they are not female. Jazz also commented about not getting a period, again boys do not have the necessary parts for that process to take place.

Jazz laments that he likes boys but the boys do not like him. Well this is a tough subject to handle for adults let alone teenaged boys. However the show wants the audience to rally around the parents efforts to raise their son as a girl.

In their efforts to help Jazz realize his fantasy of being a girl they shopped around for a pediatrician who would give him the hormone treatments needed for his transitioning. Many pediatricians refused to participate but in their persistence they were able to find one who was more than happy to assist Jazz in his quest for female attainment. Jazz plans to have full gender reassignment surgery after he turns 18. He said: ‘The hardest part of being transgender is still having male genitalia. It reminds me I wasn’t born in a female body. Jazz continued: ‘I already feel like a girl but when I have the gender reassignment surgery my transition will be complete.’ No my dear you will still be a boy who has had to undergo surgical procedures in order to attempt to appear like your distorted self-image. At age three Jazz was diagnosed with gender identity disorder after tests and counseling. http://www.childhealing.com/articles/genderidentitydisorder.php This dissatisfaction with his appearance and his angst over not maturing into a female was very obvious during the fist episode. It was clear to myself that this young man had some real deep-seated issues in regards to his own self-awareness. His gender Dysphoria is not likely to be assuaged by any amount of drugs or surgery.  It is my personal belief that leading this young man down this pathway is not helpful in the long term because try as he may, it is impossible for him to ever be a complete woman, and as a result of never being able to realize his fantasy of becoming a woman will only leave him more disoriented as he grows older and more despondent.

TLC cancels a program that shows strong family values and a positive body image but embraces programs that depict the non-traditional family unit. My Six Wives, and My Sister Brides, and now its all about Jazz. Marjorie Kaplan, group president of TLC and Animal Planet, stated that "Only TLC can tell this family’s story in a way that celebrates and demystifies differences in an effort to help create a world without prejudice.’ Really? Perhaps you might want to tell that to the Duggars.

Do not get me wrong, Josh had issues growing up he needed to deal with, and unlike the Jennings family, the Duggars saw to it that Josh sought counseling and amended his behavior. I am afraid the Jennings and TLC are abusing Jazz in a way that will leave more than surgical scars. Polygamy and transgender are in, strong family morals and traditional gender roles are out at TLC.

Oh TLC may still be airing the Willis Family so maybe they do have room for a loving Christian traditional family on their station. And that is the way I see it. What say you?

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