Government Red Tape Stalls Home Weatherization Projects

Isn’t it obvious by now that there is absolutely nothing the federal government can do to IMPROVE anything? It is so huge that it trips over it’s own regulatory feet everything it attempts to take 2 steps.

It is time WE THE PEOPLE bring this giant down. Do I here a David playing on his harp?

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A $5 billion stimulus program to weatherize homes is off to a shaky start. ABC News reports that at the end of 2009, only 9,100 have been weatherized to save energy
What’s the problem? Everything, to start, but in this instance it is the government’s red tape:
Under that law, the grants may only go to projects that pay a “prevailing wage” on par with private-sector employers.
The Department of Labor spent most of the past year trying to determine the prevailing wage for weatherization work, a determination that had to be made for each of the more than 3,000 counties in the United States
Secondly, many homes have to go through a National Historic Preservation Trust review before work can begin.
The other lesson from this is that one way to actually create jobs and make projects driven by the private sector more efficient is to streamline  regulatory barriers that unnecessarily prohibit the shovel from hitting the ground.

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