Dems Efforts to Re-Write Constitution Prior to Obama’s Election

According to this video report Democrats in Congress made no less than 8 attempts to re-write the Constitutions eligibility clause to allow non natural-born citizens to be elected President. The timing of such efforts casts suspicion upon the democrat party apparently they knew that Obama was not eligible for election but wanted him anyway. Since the Democrats have a history of re-writing or totally ignoring the Constitution anytime it conflicts with their agenda this report is not hard to believe. Actually the documents in this report can be verified making the charges credible.

The video ends with the Congressional ruling that John McCain was eligible for election and in the wording of that document they were able to say the natural-born citizen clause of the Constitution does not mean what it says. In addition Obama has spent a great deal of money and twarted any effort to gain access to any records that would indicate his citizen status. He even met secretly with 8 of the 9 Supreme court justices concerning legal cases pending at the Supreme court regarding his citizenship and eligilbility status.

All this on its face is certainly worth considering. Since we know the Democrats will stop at nothing to advance their agenda this really does not surprise me, nor do I find it unfathomable. Tell me what you think.

But as for me the sooner we get rid of this bunch of thieves, liars and tyrants the better off America will be.

What do you have to say?

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