The Fix Is In

House Minority Leader John Boehner addresses the floor of the house prior to the house vote on Health Care legislation.
On Sunday March 21st the House of Representatives passed what was called the Health Care Reform Act, which empowers the federal government to force individuals to purchase Government approved health care coverage. At the same time the house also presented to the floor for a vote a Health Care Reconciliation Act which was written to FIX the original bill they had just passed. Many were opposed to the original bill because they said it was a flawed bill and the reconciliation bill was an attempt to FIX THE BILL. Now I do not know about you but doesn’t this sound crazy to anyone else besides me? I mean they all knew the bill was flawed, imperfect, contained troublesome language, but they passed it anyway. This is what has most average thinking Americans outraged at this administrations lax of prudence and due diligence. They do not care what they pass just so they pass something. They are always in a hurry to spend our hard earned money. There was the TARP bill which failed. The 1st and 2nd Stimulus bills which failed miserably. They were all rushed through congress and forced upon the American people as MUST DO legislation. Now I think the only must do legislation that needs to take place is legislating these folks out of a job QUICKLY.

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