Could non-citizens decide the November election?

New research finds that non-citizens do vote, and this could be consequential in some races.


This report though flawed does show a correlation between non-citizen’s voting and election results. Although it can not be proven beyond a reasonable doubt this study does show a tendency for non-citizens to actually vote and most cast their votes for democrats.


This is really not surprising for those of us who believe that the democrats will stop at nothing to rig, steal, or fix an election even go as far as allowing multiple votes by the same person and to encourage the voting of non-citizens. This explains why any effort to  true the vote are met with strong opposition from the democrat party.


If there is no truth to these allegations they why are the democrats so hard set on making sure that illegal’s are mainstreamed to be treated as true American citizens. Although somewhat anecdotal this report shows that there is good possibility that non-citizens effected the outcome of at least 2 elections.


You can be assured that had non-citizens tended  toward voting for Republican candidates that the Democrat party would be doing everything possible to restrict their access to the polls not enabling it.


And that’s the way I see it! What say you?



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