Teens Talking Sex with Strangers Via Text Messaging

First there was Sexting the practice of sending nude and seminude images via cell phones to classmates and now there is actual sex talking going on.

This really should not come as any surprise to the thinking adult who understands the evils of the world. I mean teens talk sex to each other in classrooms and garages and any other place where they feel safe from parental oversight.

With the advent of the computer age and INTERNET messaging services, this sex talk took to international levels. Teens looking for someone who will listen and not judge them could now log on to the world and find someone somewhere who will understand them.

Now with modern cell phones the web has become portable. Where once parents could control their child’s access to the Internet by monitoring their on-line time while at home they now must monitor their cell phone use.

How about parents just cancel the texting function of their child’s cell phone?

And do they really need a phone with a camera?

clipped from www.heritage.org

Take the new “Birds and Bees Text Line” in North Carolina. As with similar programs popping up around the nation, it offers “anonymous” sexual advice to teens through the texting feature on their cellular phones. Children can text any sex question and within 24 hours a stranger will send them back an answer.

Paid for partly with tax dollars, the owners promise frank and “nonjudgmental” answers – and secrecy from mom and dad. Marketed directly to teens through outlets like MySpace, they seek to teach your children their views about sex and sexuality without your knowledge.

“Sex texting” is a deliberate effort to convince our sons and daughters that nameless, faceless adults understand them better, and have greater empathy for them than do their own moms and dads.

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