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Let him among you who is without sin be the first to send a stone at her. John 8:7 (BBE)

All this week the air waves have been abuzz with the Sarah Palin story. A mother of five from Alaska, who has just been named the Vice-Presidential candidate for the Republican Party, gave her acceptance speech Wednesday Sept 3rd which rocked the Republican Party platform and shocked the tabloid news agencies into gutter journalism and character assassination. After her dynamic speech on Wednesday a once lackluster voter pool showed a great deal of enthusiasm for this moose hunting, mom from Alaska. And the tabloids and bloggers were quick to throw stones.

Plain Speaking

As number two on the Republican Presidential ticket Sarah offered up some plain talk at her acceptance speech. Those of us who have never heard of Sarah Palin before Wednesday, sat up and took notice as this strong woman spoke from her heart with simple words and not high sounding platitudes. She told her story of accomplishment not for applause or approval but because she could. Hers is a story of a simple woman with strong convictions and clear motives.


As a mother bear protects her cubs this mother of five set out on a course to improve the lives of not only her own children but the children of her friends and neighbors. In her short but powerful speech she spoke of a government paralyzed by corruption and special interest which hindered its effectiveness to serve and protect the people who elected them to office.

How refreshing to hear some plain speech from this plain woman telling us straight out what she was able to accomplish with a willingness to serve the public wellbeing. Like a breath of fresh air the introduction of Sarah Palin into the national election campaign came as a welcome relief.

I must admit I was impressed. Sarah’s simple straightforward presentation stood in stark contrast to the over-the-top presentation of Barak Obama less than a week before. There was no showmanship, no pretense, no platitudes just a plain no nonsense presentation of a woman with strong family values who loves her husband, her family, her community, and her country. She did not say what could be done she told us of what she had already done. Hers was a story of accomplishments.

Standing Tall

Sarah Palin stood tall amongst the national nominees. Even the front runner John McCain sang her praises during his acceptance speech. I had to wonder why Sarah was not at the top of the ticket? From my vantage point she was standing head and shoulders above all the other nominees in the race. Sarah projected a calm assurance in the face of many uncertainties life may bring. Her solid foundation, her core values, and her belief in God shine through amidst all the criticisms and slanderous attempts to besmirch her name being tossed about by tabloid writers and internet bloggers. Even the national news sources are attempting to belittle this giant of a woman. And yet she stands tall, holding her head high.


None of us are perfect, none have yet been able to live a life free of mistakes, no one is without sin, therefore we are admonished in scripture to not throw stones but instead forgive one another. Instead of throwing stones perhaps we should give praise where praise is due and honor where honor is due. What a lesson we could learn by first searching our own hearts and motives before we start casting aspersions at others. How refreshing it would be if all who ran for public office stood with the same grace and humility as this simple woman from Alaska. How much more productive would government be if they actually looked out for what was best for “We the People” rather than lining their own pockets with graft and corruption.

It really takes small people to throw stones at others who oppose them. Wouldn’t it be far better if instead of casting aspersions at one another we all attempted to outdo one another in acts of kindness and service for our fellow man? Stand tall in honor not thinking too highly of oneself but rather humbly.

Outdo one another in showing honor. Romans 12:10 (ESV)

But those who are waiting for the Lord will have new strength; they will get wings like eagles: running, they will not be tired, and walking, they will have no weariness. Isaiah 40:31 (BBE)

Sarah Plain & Tall Collection [Gold Crown Collector’s Edition]


Sarah, Plain and Tall ~ the musical

Sarah, Plain and Tall

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2 thoughts on “Sarah Plain and Tall

  1. After Obama is done with America….they ALL will WISH they had chosen Sarah !!!!!

    Obama is already renigging on his “hope and change” rhetoric and we are hearing words like…sacrifice….overwhelming…dismal…

    What ever happened to the fairies, unicorns, peace symbols, rainbows and Utopia he PROMISED us to get elected? Just some pipe dream, of course….SOME of us….already KNEW THAT and voted for SARAH instead !!!!! Someone with REAL GOALS AND PLANS that could actually ACHEIVE some/all of them !!!!! A realist….not some pipe dreamer !!!!

    Go Sarah 2012!!!!! All Sarah lovers join…….haters, don’t bother, its moderated and you will be banned:)

    Char In Ohio

    SARAH ROCKS !!!!! She ain’t going NOWHERE so STOP THE HATIN !!!!! 🙂

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