King Me


House of Staunton 3.875

Once the game is over,

the king and the pawn go back

into the same box

Let’s face it everyone likes to be king for a day. Some would like to be king for a year. Some may wish they could be king of the whole world and rule for life. At the end of it all though kings and paupers, princes and peasants all die and are buried in the ground. From dust they came and to dust they shall return. The grave is the great equalizer. The same fate befalls everyone who has ever been born. If you go through life treating everyone as if they were king for the day then in the end you would have led a king’s life.

All go to one place, all are of the dust, and all will be turned to dust again. Eccl 3:20 (BBE)
600 Lessons from Tactics to Strategy Chessmaster

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