Mankind’s last call for survival

Mankind’s last call for survival, Let’s not allow the world’s leading state-sponsor of terrorism to become a nuclear power, Iran

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Time for some tough talk concerning the real ‘state of the union’. There are many who think things are just dandy in Obamaworld, but to the astute and learned, dangers are lurking around every corner, and much of it has been a result of Obama policies.

This man is on a course to ruin America and by default ruin the balance of power in the world. Why is there so much unrest in the Middle East? Why are Russia and China saber rattling? Because Obama has made it clear that as long as he is in charge America is going to be impotent on the world scene.

And to make sure that things remain miserable after he has left office, he is enshrining policies at the executive level bureaucracy to see to it that his plans are not thwarted by the next President and congress.

Obama is an evil and sinister man, I said of him at the time that he was an Antichrist and I stand by my assessment.

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