Clerk defying gay marriage mandate jailed in violation of 10th and 13th Amendments

There has been a media storm surrounding Kim Davis’ refusal to issue same-sex marriage licenses from her office in Kentucky. Many are saying that she must follow the law or resign her position.


“Is Davis really breaking the law, or is it the Supreme Court who has violated the law? The 10th Amendment to the Constitution reads, “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people.”

The Constitution makes no direct references to giving the federal government the right to regulate marriage. The 14th Amendment states that people shall not be denied “equal protection of the law,” but the 14th Amendment was about race, not sexual orientation. Therefore, the Constitution says nothing about the federal government regulating marriage in regards to sexual orientation. Since that is so, under the 10th Amendment the federal government has no authority to legalize gay marriage and no authority to compel Ms. Davis to issue marriage certificates to homosexuals.

Now let’s talk about the 13th Amendment, which outlaws involuntary servitude. In other words, the government cannot force people to take specific actions. There are exceptions, for things like paying taxes, community service, and the draft, but generally speaking, the government cannot compel people to commit acts – it’s too much like slavery. Furthermore:

In more recent cases, the Supreme Court has defined involuntary servitude broadly to forbid work forced by the use or threat of physical restraint or injury or through law.

In other words, people generally cannot be forced to do something through threat of incarceration. That’s exactly what’s been done to Ms. Davis. The courts are violating the 13th Amendment to the Constitution by incarcerating her, to support their own made up right to homosexual marriage.

Liberals (and Republicans like Carly Fiorina) say that we have to comply with the “law,” but it is the courts that have become lawless. The courts are hardly infallible, having enforced slavery in the Dred Scott case, approved the internment of Japanese-Americans in prison camps, and approved other actions not permitted by the Constitution. It is important that we not fall for the liberal propaganda and clearly identify who the lawless are and aren’t.

Right now, it is Ms. Davis who is following the Constitution, and right now she is being persecuted for her religious beliefs. But because she is a Christian, she is being attacked. If she were Muslim, perhaps the media would be more sympathetic to her.

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There is a concerted effort to force a political agenda down the throats of the American people. There is no, I repeat, no constitutional authority under which the supreme court has the power to enact laws. Therefore their OPINION on a matter does not rise to the level of LAW. Only duly appointed legislators are permitted under our Constitution to enact laws which must then be signed by an authorized executive in order to be enforced.

Therefore the only ones breaking the law here are the courts who are ordering Kim Davis to violate Kentucky law by issuing licenses to same-sex couples which is illegal in Kentucky under current law. In addition the government is violating Kim Davis’ 13th amendment rights to not to be forced into an action by threats of law. This is the very definition of tyranny and what our forefathers fought the revolutionary war over.

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