Cargo of Refugees, a Planned Invasion

Cargo of Refugees, a Planned Invasion, Europe, Muslims, terrorism, the Kalergi plan

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Cargo after cargo of “refugees,” defiant young Muslims seeking a better life in non-Muslim countries with generous welfare programs, are arriving on the Mediterranean shores and at the border of small and much poorer countries than the rich Arab states bordering Syria. Even though they speak the same language, they are taking in zero “refugees” with the excuse that they are trying to minimize the threat of terrorism.


Instead of choosing refuge in Arab-speaking countries with the same religion, ethnic groups, and form of government, the young Muslims choose the very countries they despise whose religion they want to destroy and replace with their own.


These “refugees” are so deprived, sporting leisurely well-dressed tourist attire with cell phones, are throwing packages of Red Cross bottled water and food onto railroad tracks in a Budapest train station because a cross is offensive to their religion.


Those who decided to walk to Germany and Sweden, impatient to get there sooner than later, have left tons of garbage on the side of highways. I wonder how polluting their surroundings with trash, which is regular occurrence in third world nations, is going to mesh with the Germans’ strict cleanliness rules, associated fines, and obsessive and punctilious care for the environment?


These young men in their 20s-30s with a few women of the same age and a few children in tow, if they are fleeing war as they say, are really cowardly for having left behind most women, children, and the extended families and the elderly to fend for themselves in a dangerous and economically strapped zone. The Syrian conflict was exacerbated by the insane Arab Spring fomented under the Secretary of State Hilary Clinton.


But Muslims are not the most persecuted in Syria and Iraq – it’s the Christians, Yezidis, women, old people, and children who seem to be curiously missing or in a minority among these large groups of angry young men.


The important question is, what are these “refugees” fleeing from? We are certainly not at war with Syria. Are they fleeing ISIS, civil war, and the economic circumstances created by Hillary Clinton’s “Arab Spring” or are they on a quest of colonizing the west?


The MSM touted on every channel the western “democracy”arriving in the 7th century theocracies that neither desired nor were willing to accept our democracy, but wished to replace it with the long-sought after Caliphate. The olive branch offered perhaps naively was quickly set on fire.


Drowning financially and socially under forced migration and multiculturalism, aren’t European nations shamed into mixing ethnically, fearful of labels of racism and bigotry, sometimes fined and jailed if found guilty of “hate speech,” yielding to the invading Islamic culture with a whimper?


Committing demographic suicide, white Europeans are brainwashed in schools and by the MSM that reproduction harms the planet, while fertile Muslims have 8.1 children per family, negating their own history and origins is somehow humanitarian and progressive, and obeying the government is better than following the Bible.


Even though the United States has been relatively insulated from invasions due to its geographical location and the two oceans, things are changing. The liberal open borders policies and the admission or importation of illegal aliens from countries that do not speak our language, do not assimilate, do not share our western civilization, are illiterate, and often not Christian, are turning our country into a veritable welfare-dependent Tower of Babel.  Our President has announced that he has decided to take in at least 10,000 Syrian “refugees” into our country.  And the authorities have no way to tell which ones are truly needy and which ones are ISIS jihadist blending in.

These are not refugees they are foreign invaders. If upon arrival to their so-called safe haven the first thing they do is toss aside Red Cross aide because the cross offends them, then why are they coming to Christian nations? It is obvious they do not wish to accept the Christian nature of these countries but wish to hold to their own failed ideology, the one that has brought so much unrest to their own countries. These folks are not coming humbly and appreciative of getting help, they are already making demands on what they want.

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