By Jenny Tyree Knowles What would change if the reasoned case for marriage was examined and taught to young adults, rather than implied and “caught”? The result of millennials (Americans born between 1981 and 2000) “catching” the cultural importance of marriage is playing out right now. Polls show that the broad majority of millennials support […]


There is a good  societal reason for supporting and promoting traditional marriage and it has nothing to do with romance. Support of intact families is good for society because citizens who are supported by two loving parents are less of a burden on society.


This is why civil governments promoted and supported traditional marriage because it brought about positive benefits to society. Smart civil policy would promote what is best for society and what produces positive results in that society. Removal of the connection of children from their biological parents brings about many woes to society, the evidence is everywhere. Broken homes produce broken lives which produce broken societies.

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