The Founders’ Model of Welfare Actually Reduced Poverty

Unlike the modern system, which perpetuates poverty and dismantles families, the Founders’ system attended to the truly needy and got people out of poverty.

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"James 1:27 (BBE)
The religion which is holy and free from evil in the eyes of our God and Father is this: to take care of children who have no fathers and of widows who are in trouble, and to keep oneself untouched by the world. "

Biblical altruism is based on the principle that care should be provided to the widows and orphans administered through the local church. Widows and orphans, in other words those who lacked a father or a husband or family members who biblically were supposed to support their families. Charity begins at home the old adage went. Too bad it is not a truism today.

Today however we see the break-up of the family unit and many children are remanded to the rolls of poverty by the removal of fathers. These fathers are not deceased but rather removed from the responsibility of caring for their children. The fact is the current welfare system actually rewards this type of family structure over an intact family unit, one based on the biblical model.

Is it any wonder than that the war on poverty never ends but rather grows worse each year? If our goal as a society was to truly help the poor wouldn’t we want to support a STRONG FAMILY?

Strong families are enemies of a strong centralized government therefore it must be discouraged at all costs. People need to be dependent upon a central planner, an overseer, a despot in order for these tyrants to remain in power. State agencies exist to perpetuate their own reason for existence. If we ever actually won the war on poverty there would be no need for all these government institutions set up to manage it. If we actually got back to supporting the traditional family and discouraging dead-beat dads and the broken lives left in their wake we might actually see a reduction in poverty and its related societal ills.

If we got back to the founders model of welfare we might actually see improvements in our inner cities.

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