The hidden dangers lurking in the ‘transgender closet’. Studies have found trans-gendered individuals are not all that happy. In fact the suicide rate actually increases after embracing the lifestyle. 


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By now everyone knows that Bruce Jenner has decided to live as a woman name Caitlyn Jenner. He has been applauded and even given the Arthur to Asheley award for his position. Bruce aka Caitlyn of the Kadashian ‘media whoredom’ is now the poster boy/girl for the whole tranny community. His decision is going to be pointed out to other confused individuals, many of them children, that altering one’s physical appearance through surgical implants and mutilation is ‘mainstream’ and ‘acceptable.’

But no amount of plastic surgery or cosmetic coverings is going to change the basic DNA, or actual physiology of the individual. Bruce I am sorry but you are not FEMALE no matter how hard you try. It is impossible to transgender.

That being said Bruce has a very strong financial incentive to pretend to be a woman. He has in the offering a huge several hundred million dollar contract for a reality TV show. His disorder (whether real or imagined) is going to be exploited with the primary aim of mainstreaming this abnormality. Unfortunately many individuals are going to be seriously harmed by being misled into embracing this lifestyle, and they will not have millions of dollars to help them cope.


Bruce does not need a reality TV show he needs a dose of true reality.

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