ObamaCare’s state-run exchanges are a great idea – so long as federal taxpayers foot the bill. Since the law was passed in 2010, almost $5 billion in federal start-up grants have been doled out to the states. The idea was to entice state officials with seed money so that ObamaCare’s supporters could shift legacy costs onto state taxpayers. This was just one of the ways long-term ObamaCare projections could be considered deficit neutral, at least at the federal level. But the sky-high maintenance expenses of running a brand new, technology-intensive health bureaucracy don’t go away when the federal grant money subsides. Instead, states are now feeling the pinch and looking for relief.

Source: cfif.org

It simply does not work. It can not work. It will not work. There is no way to make it work. And yet very little is said in DC about doing away with it. What is it? Obamacare, that monstrosity of a failure that has everyone paying more and getting less. In the end all will be paying for nothing. Socialized medicine does not work. What did work Obamacare has put and end to.

Will the madness ever end? 

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