This is What Makes America Great

In spite of all the blather coming forth from capital hill, this story once again proves the greatness of America. When the American people are FREE to live their lives and make their own decisions, we have proven time and again the USA is an altruistic nation. Although the current crop of political hacks continually speak down our nation and our economy, there are still hope for change. America is still great because her people are great.
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Standard economic theory states that people are interested only in their own material gain. But new insights from behavioral economics show that altruism rather than avarice is our primary motivation.

The City of Yonkers, New York, wound up in a distressing predicament early this year. The municipal budget was running a deficit and the economic crisis was sorely aggravating the problem. Layoffs were needed and among the casualties were six firefighters, including, most regrettably, a young man who’d recently rescued several children from a burning apartment building. The job cuts were due to go into effect the first week of January.
But then something remarkable happened. The men and women of the Yonkers Fire Department offered to work days free for six months so the city could save money and their colleagues could save their jobs. The deal was approved by 75 percent of firefighters and the layoffs were avoided.
“We banded together and voted to save our brethren.”

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