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Over the last couple of months I’ve been blown away with something that has just simply struck a chord with me.

It started with picking up a book of my brother’s whilst he was moving house – Pagan Christianity by Frank Viola. Now I’ve read something along the same lines before (Houses that change the World by Wolfgang Simson) but this book certainly smacked me in the face and made me wake up and smell the coffee.

For a long time now I’ve wondered why I felt so stifled by the structures of the traditional church, why I was so uncomfortable with  the performance/spectator based Sunday morning services.  This book looks into the origins of traditional church practices and how many of them have their origins in pagan rituals and not in the New Testament.  In fact many of the churches traditions stem from Constantine and his creation of “Christendom”.

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4 thoughts on “Organic Church

  1. With Constantine the great the tri-une god of the Roman-Greek culture fouled the Christian religion; Several kept to the teachings of the master rabbi Jeshua (Jesus Christ) but the majority fell for the state church which gave them allowance to keep their traditions and to pray in front of pictures and statues.
    Hopefully you shall find your way to the Only One God, Jehovah and shall accept Jesus as the Christos, the Christ or Messiah, and as the son of God and son of man, a man of flesh and blood who really died, whilst God cannot die.
    good luck with your church in the Holy scriptures, the Bible, the Word of the Only One divine Creator.

      1. So, you think when a CEO says about his company it and him/her or one they are one and the same person, idem ditto for a family or group of people?
        What you give as a reason that Jesus is God makes us also to be God, because Jesus demands us to be one with him and one with his Father.

      2. About the last element we do agree: Jesus is now alive, but you seem to go over the fact that he really died, whilst God can not die. This death of Christ, his ransom offer is just so special and important for humankind.

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