The True Meaning of Memorial Day

To all our service men and women who have ever wore an American uniform I salute your service and thank you for fighting for my freedom and the freedoms of all our countrymen. To me you embody the true spirit of America. A cause greater than self, freedom worth preserving, a nation worth defending, and a mission worth fighting.

2 thoughts on “The True Meaning of Memorial Day

  1. Thanks Allen for that “politically incorrect” song to go with the video. Even though I am sure there were those brave men and women that fought and died for our freedom who didn’t personally know Jesus as Savior, that does not diminish their sacrifice for this great nation of ours. I often wonder if, in the heat of battle when it is “sensed” that you are going to die, you don’t make a decision right then and there to ask God to forgive you and receive your soul into His Kingdom. Only God knows for sure but, having served in Viet Nam as a prodigal son, I am thankful He preserved me until I could come back home; both to America and to His Kingdom.

    God bless this country and may He turn our hearts back to Him!

    P.S. On a much more “warrior-like” approach to what it takes to serve and protect, whether it is in the military or on the front lines here at home:

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