Congressman Hastings Attacks YouCut: a Republican Website Where America gets to vote on budget cut items

Here would be the first place I would start my cuts. Cut this guys salary, position, ranking, benefits package, pension plan, security force, expense account. Heck lets just cut him out of the House. How does an impeached former Judge get to slam law-abiding citizens? His remarks should be CUT from real consideration. His policy stands should be cut from public discourse, and his presence needs to be cut from the public forum.

Well that is what he is advocating by saying that American citizens have no say in what goes on in the “people’s house.” Don’t believe me well listen to him say it on TV.

So for his outrageous comments Rep. Alcee Hastings wins this week’s DODO bird award.

And here we thought the DODO bird was already extinct. Not yet but we at the Eagle’s Nest are working hard to make it a reality.

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