California Law Seeks to Remove Any Reference to America’s Christian Heritage from Textbooks.

You would think with the financial mess California finds itself in that they would spend more time and energy trying to figure out how to discuss those issues and not passing laws that forbid teachers to accurately teach about our American Heritage. Just another example of how much the left despises the Judeo-Christian values which made this country great.

If we lead by example then I would suggest that if the country continues to follow California’s lead (which by the way we are under Obama Pelosi and Reed) then the country will end up bankrupt and bereft of anything of value. That once great state of California has become a liberal wasteland.

By contrast if we look toward Texas we see a state that is fiscally sound and has an expanding population and economy. You choose whom you wish to follow I think I am going to stick with the original founders and Texas.

God bless Texas.

clipped from
booksA California bill opposing Christian ideals in social studies textbooks has passed a 6-2 vote and is making its way into the Senate.
The Senate Appropriations Committee voted last week in favor of S.B. 1451, a measure that will combat the religious revisions to textbooks launched in Texas earlier this year. The bill now heads to the full Senate.
The measure states that the revisions to Texas’ textbooks were propelled by an “inappropriate ideological desire to influence academic content standards for children in public schools” and that they were a departure from accepted history.
The state of Texas received criticism earlier this year for seeking to introduce Christian ideals into social studies textbooks. The revisions included the fact that the Founding Fathers established the country on Christianity.

3 thoughts on “California Law Seeks to Remove Any Reference to America’s Christian Heritage from Textbooks.

  1. Wow Allen! How sad is this? It reminds me of Numbers 16 where Korah and company rebelled against Moses. It is just like that today in California with the leaders so-called attempting to also be the priests and dare claim every citizen to be holy and not in need of historical accuracy that would remind them of where their blessings originated.

    As it was revealed in the Bible, Moses tried to warn them, but they would have nothing to do with it. As a result, the earth swallowed Korah, Dathan, Abiram and all their families up whole and then God destroyed by fire the 250 who dared to perform as priests not called by Him. Could this happen today? Especially since science has warned that this could happen due to the state being on top of a major fault line?

    Also, keep in mind what the rest of the congregation (citizens) did the very next day and what resulted from their false accusation (14,700 died from a plague)!

    From this historical perspective, could history be about to repeat itself with California? And, as you so aptly point out, could this then spread to the rest of the nation?

    I’m with you: God bless Texas and any other state that takes a stand for historical accuracy.

    1. You certainly are living up to your nomeclature Dave. I had not thought about that particular biblical account when I posted this new item but your comments are right on point. Thanks for the additional historical information. Yes folks just because it came from the bible does not mean it is not historically accurate. Facts are that most of the biblical historical accounts have been proven to be 100% accurate.

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