Obama An African Colonial?

There is certainly something wrong with the way Obama sees America. Perhaps it was his upbringing which he seems to take great pride in considering he wrote two books about it. Or perhaps it was his 20 year stint at the Wright Reverends house of hate that shaped his view of white America, the USof KKK A according to his mentor. Or maybe it was his education in the hallowed halls of Columbia and Harvard. Or maybe it is his association with the Chicago political system. Or perhaps he is exactly what he appears to be… an African Colonial. You decide but one thing is for sure, Obama is not proud to be an American, nor is he thankful for the life this great country afforded him, because if he was he would not be so hell bend on changing it so drastically.
clipped from www.americanthinker.com
The tropes of America’s racial history as a way of understanding all things black are useless in understanding the man who got his dreams from his father, a Kenyan exemplar of the African Colonial.

First, Obama has been living on American soil for most of his adult life. Therefore, he has been able to masquerade as one who understands and believes in American democratic ideals. But he does not. Barack Obama is intrinsically undemocratic and as his presidency plays out, this will become more obvious. Second, and most importantly, too many Americans know very little about Africa. The one-size-fits-all understanding that many Americans (both black and white) continue to have of Africa might end up bringing dire consequences for this country.
Like the European imperialist who spawned him, the ACP is a destroyer of all forms of democracy.

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