How the British Colonized Nigeria

Does any of this sound familiar? Can we learn anything from history? Does it matter to anyone besides myself that perhaps Obama’s ideology is more sinister than anything we have experienced before in this country?

Now is the time to rise up and take a stand against this RADICAL and his cohorts in congress. November can not come soon enough, I just pray that we can get our country back from these colonialist, Marxist ideologues.

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The Igbos were once made up of a confederacy of clans that ascribed to various forms of democratic government. They took their eyes off the ball and before they knew it, the British were upon them
Here are a few examples of what the British did in order to create (in 1914) what is now called Nigeria and what Obama is doing to you
Convince the people that “clinging” to any aspect of their cultural (tribal) identity or history is bad
Confiscate the wealth and resources of the area that you govern by any means necessary in order to redistribute wealth.
Convince the masses that your upper-crust university education naturally puts you on an intellectual plane from which to understand everything even when you understand nothing
Lie to the people and tell them that progress is being made even though things are clearly becoming worse.
Use every available media outlet to perpetuate the belief that you and your followers are the enlightened ones

What do you have to say?

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