Cultural Marxism Alive and Well in our Public Schools

And you wonder how we got a Marxist in the White House? This will cause your eyes to bleed. Make sure to click through to the entire article. This one is worth taking time to understand. If you have any doubts then fact check it for yourself. I have seen this progression taking place for many years and I am a strong advocate for HOME SCHOOLING. Parents TEACH YOUR KIDS, do not let the Marxist indoctrinate them any longer.
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For decades now, American schools corrupted by cultural Marxism have been eroding the moral fiber and judgment skills of schoolchildren. Unless sensible parents and teachers put a stop to the indoctrination, today’s free speech-crippling political correctness, tolerance of immorality, and lack of knowledge of our country’s birth will continue to grow until America is no more. To stop the indoctrination, parents and teachers must understand how cultural Marxism came to permeate school curricula.

While education is home to a disproportionate number of anti-capitalist and often anti-American progressives eager to “change the world,” the majority of teachers are traditionalists unconsciously following the herd. Loud and informed parents can sound the necessary wake-up call.
Parents have long known that something was wrong but have accepted the deterioration of children’s morality and common sense for the sake of the “tolerance” that progressive educators demand.

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