Happy Birthday Abraham Lincoln!

Abraham Lincoln, three-quarter length portrait...
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Vindicating Lincoln: Defending the Politics of Our Greatest President

While Lincoln is usually portrayed bearded, he first grew a beard in 1860 at the suggestion of 11-year-old Grace Bedell

Today I would like to say thank you and happy birthday to one of the greatest Presidents these United States have seen. Had it not been for the efforts and foresight of President Lincoln we would not be the United States for the south had seceded and were fighting with the north to keep it that way over the issue of slavery.

By the time Lincoln took office, the Confederacy was an established fact, and no leaders of the insurrection proposed rejoining the Union on any terms. No compromise was found because no compromise was possible. Lincoln perhaps could have allowed the southern states to secede, and some Republicans recommended that. However, conservative Democratic nationalists, such as Jeremiah S. Black, Joseph Holt, and Edwin M. Stanton had taken control of Buchanan’s cabinet around January 1, 1861, and refused to accept secession. Lincoln and nearly all Republican leaders adopted this nationalistic position by March 1861: the Union could not be broken. However, Lincoln being a strict follower of the constitution, would not take any action against the South unless the Unionists themselves were attacked first. It finally happened in April 1861.

What a novel idea a political party that believed in the Constitution of the United States and honored it. Perhaps we need another Abraham to keep covenant with the people?

Just like Abraham of the bible who held to the commandments of God Abraham Lincoln believed in the rule of law and held steadfast against great opposition to keep the unity of these United States. Thank you President Abraham Lincoln. I am so thankful for your tenacity and unwavering spirit during a time of great distress wrought upon this nation. What the British were unable to do we the people were fast dividing and conquering ourselves. Had it not been for you and Divine intervention I believe this young nation would have ceased to exist shortly after being born.

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