Puerto Ricans Upset with Gov Spending Vote For Conservative Governor

Sounds like the main land can learn a lesson from our Island cousin.
clipped from newsmax.com

Fortuno won election as governor in 2008 by 11 percentage points, becoming the first Republican governor of Puerto Rico since 1969.

Interestingly, Puerto Rico saw a GOP wave, with the governorship and the Legislature won by Republicans in the same year Obama and the Democrats swept to power.

Fortuno’s election in Puerto Rico was even more unusual because the island is heavily Democratic. It also doesn’t have alternative media such as Fox News on its major cable system.
But the public, both higher-income and lower-income, was

united and angry about one thing — the massive amount of spending and benefits lavished on public employees. Voters revolted by electing conservative Fortuno.

A Reaganite, he clearly sees government as the problem, not the solution. He has proposed a bill to cut the number of seats in the Puerto Rican Legislature by 30 percent.

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