Letters To God Opens Today Nationwide

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Letters to God

A movie set to open this weekend is being billed as a faith-based film that has the potential to impact lives.


Letters to God, the movie inspired by a true story about a boy named Tyler Doherty who battled a rare form of brain cancer, opens on more than 800 screens today. The film derives its title from the actions of the main character, who wrote letters and mailed them to God.
“What Tyler did in real life and what we portrayed in the film was that in asking for favors, he didn’t ask for [material] things so much as he did for spiritual things,” illustrates Kim Dawson, producer of the movie. “For his mom, for instance, he just wanted his mom to be able to laugh again and see her smile. She was sad because of his treatment and the fact that they had lost their dad previously in an accident.”

The movie’s website features an outreach that targets and trains people to deal with those who are affected directly or indirectly by cancer.

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