Views from the Nest 2-5-2015

Jeb Bush Believes DREAMers Should Stay in U.S.

If Jeb Bush wins the Republican presidential nomination, it will indicate a softening of the GOP approach to immigration. The progressive American Bridge, an opposition research firm that targets Republicans, released videos of Bush at a meeting of the Hispanic Leadership Network explaining his…y

Abortion versus the States

With the 2015 March for Life two weeks behind us, states across the country are debating and voting on bills related to life issues. From “telemed” abortions to parental notification and consent, U.S. legislatures continue to defy the “science is settled” one-size-fits-all Roe v. Wade and Doe v.y

Islam and Appeasement

Europe and America are impaled on the horns of a strategic dilemma. On the one hand, the world is besieged by jihadi religious terror, barbarity, and serial wars with jihadists. Concurrently, most of the civilized world defends the very religious cultures, Sunni and Shia Islam especially, where the problems originate.y

Global Warming Pause: Is the End Near?

Global Warming (GW) alarmists are in a pickle: no GW, in spite of rising CO2 levels. True believers are using quasi-religious slogans, like “The End [of the GW pause] is Near” and “Repent [Stop emitting CO2] Before It’s Too Late.”y

How to Make Young People Conservative

Influential talk show host Mark Levin has called on constitutional conservatives to come up with a way to appeal to young people. Levin said it is not enough to make intellectual arguments for conservatism and constitutionalism; we must come up with a way to reach young people that has emotional impact.y


America Loves a Sniper

I took with me to the movie a buddy who was a sniper in the Vietnam War. While gasbags like Michael Moore toss around the word “cowardly” about men whose boots they are not fit to lace up, those who have served in combat know that snipers are just another reliable weapon, typically picking off with precision enemy threats to our own troops, at considerable risk to the snipers themselves, who were hunted with vigor.y

Obama: ‘People Committed Terrible Deeds in the Name of Christ’

( – Professions of faith can be used both as instruments of great good but also twisted and misused in the name of evil,” President Obama told the National Prayer Breakfast in Washington on Thursday, in a speech that drew light smatterings of applause.y




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