New methane rules: More eco-extremism

As natural gas production has risen, the industry’s emissions of methane — its product’s primary component — have fallen by 73 percent at fracked wells …


This is just like the federals to want to get their cut of anything that is productive and profitable. There is no data to indicate that methane levels at fracking sites are harmful to humans or the environment and yet the federal government wants to be sure it can steal profits from the producers by threatening legal action if the  companies do not comply with the ordinances set up by the federal government.


This reminds me of the old days when the mob would terrorize businesses in a city in order to extract protection money. This was theft but when the federal government does it they call it regulation. Theft by any other name is still theft.


According to one company official methane levels have already been reduced by 75% since 2011 since methane is a valuable gas the producers wish to sell so they want to capture as much of it as possible. With the new federal regulations, these producers will be forced to produce less natural gas and methane and thus cut into their profitability, eventually forcing them out of business, which must be the goal of this administration.

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