arise, rebuild [a chorus and mission for 2015]

As January buds and ripens, I have a lot of friends that pick words to name the new 365 days ahead of us. This idea has always intrigued me. Being a word-lover myself, I get a little crazy about na…


I have been following Kaysie’s blog for quite a while, it is one of my favorites. Kaysie’s words have ministered to me a number of times. As we start a new year this article seems to be very timely and I felt that it would really bless all who takes the time to read it.


A new year, a blank slate, all your yesterdays are in the past. Perhaps this year is the year for you to arise and rebuild.


"We are all surrounded by ashes. People hurting. Families broken. Marriages misplaced and misunderstood. Vision fumbled. Sin scarring. Blindness setting in. All the rumble around us speaks words of hopelessness."


"But the God of resurrection says, “This is not the end,” and we hold our breath."

“Get up. It’s time to rebuild.”


Well said Kaysie.

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