Term Limits a Cure for What Washington Largess

My new motto is “One Term Until They Learn” catchy don’t you think? We the people grant authority to these elected officials to act on our behalf, those that govern are supposed to govern by the consent of the people, so until they learn that lesson I only consent to each Senator and Representative to serve one term. One term until they learn we are in charge and not special interest groups or lobbyists. In fact let’s make the American people the only special interest these politicians need to pay attention to.

GET OUT AND VOTE THEM OUT NOV. It is time to flush the cesspool in DC.

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As Washington D.C. slips further below the waves of partisan rancor and unprecedented red ink, voters of both parties are overwhelmingly endorsing term limits as a way to right the sinking ship.

A throwback to Athenian, Spartan and Roman government, the concept of term limits — or “mandatory rotation in office” — is actually a staple of democracy. Championed by Thomas Jefferson and numerous Founding Fathers, term limits were designed to “prevent every danger which might arise to American freedom by (politicians) continuing too long in office.”

“Nothing is so essential to the preservation of a Republican government,” George Mason — the father of the U.S. Bill of Rights — wrote in endorsing term limits.

Famed female historian Mercy Otis Warren — who was dubbed “the conscience of the American Revolution” — vigorously protested the exclusion of term limits from the U.S. Constitution, while accurately predicting the corrosive influence that career politicians would wield over the populace in their absence.

“There is no provision for (rotation in office), nor anything to prevent the perpetuity of office in the same hands for life; which by a little well timed bribery, will probably be done,” she wrote in 1788.

Frankly, our government has moved well past “a little well timed bribery.” Today, decisions in Washington are dictated almost exclusively by a corrupt pay-to-play culture in which powerful special interests (often taxpayer-funded interests) leverage their access to career politicians in order to expand their slice of the public largesse.

It’s a favor factory, pure and simple — and rather than governing on principle both Republicans and Democrats end up being governed by the spoils that come from dispensing those favors.

And look at government’s “solution” to this ongoing financial collapse — draconian new regulations over the free market that give these same career politicians even greater power over the flow of capital in America.

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