America’s Next Civil War? Immigration Control

This one could get ugly. It is way past time to get serious about the infestation of illegal activity in our country. If this was an infestation of locusts, or some communicable disease would the same lackadaisical attitude prevail in stopping the onslaught? The flood of illegals across our southern border is a communicable disease which infests the communities infiltrated. The only cure is eradication and prevention. This cancer if left unchecked will destroy our national sovereignty.

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America is now engaged in a second Civil War.  Rather than guns and cannons facing off across blood soaked fields, it’s state and federal lawyers firing legal briefs in efforts to prevail.  The battle lines are clearly drawn, whether it’s enforcement of immigration laws, the enforcement of election laws or mandating that every American must purchase health insurance, there is indeed a plan to fundamentally change America.  The consequences of this plan are quite possibly more far-reaching than those of the first Civil War.



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