Just Words, Just Speeches, That’s all folks

Obama likes to talk and point the finger at others failures, never assuming responsibility for anything. He likes to jump out in front of every issue and stand aloof as he disparages everyone else on issue after issue. Nothing is ever his fault, someone else is always to blame for a problem. The latest example of Obama huberious is this speech where he thinks it is funny that there is no solution to the debt crisis facing the United States. He demeans the congress for taking a break and boasts about being on the job and yet as this video shows he has been doing everything but leading on this issue.

Mr. President where is your BUDGET proposal? Mr. President where is your solution to a balanced federal budget? Mr. President where is your proposal for this weak economy? Mr. President what is your proposal for the high unemployment rate? If those questions are too hard for you to answer could you at least tell the American people when your next tee time is? I bet you know the answer to that question.

Do us all a favor Mr. President why not put in for early retirement so that you can play unlimited rounds of golf?

Amplify’d from www.youtube.com

“Obama has no plan to balance the budget — ever.” http://nrsc.org

Read more at www.youtube.com


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