‘Twas the Night Before Obamacare

Well done Ralph!
clipped from www.americanthinker.com
Ralph Alter
Twas the night before Christmas

  And all through the Senate

 All the Dems were conniving

   To defy public sentiment


The amendments were all gutted

  By the scoundrels who dared

 To please St. Obama

 And pass Public Health Care.

The Solons worked on, away from their beds

  As permanent majorities danced in their heads.

Their supporters all snug in their pointed tin caps           

  Roused old Leahy and Sanders from their regular naps.


Though tea-parties and bloggers aroused so much clatter

  The Senators paid them no mind and no matter.

Any doubters amongst them were bribed in a flash

  Of porcine amendments infusing fresh cash.


“Now Schumer! Now Boxer! Now Baucus and Tester!

  On Burris, on Durbin!  On Franken and Specter!

Let’s cover abortions, illegals and make

  A giant bureaucracy the people’s money to take.

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