ACLU Finds Religious Symbols Offensive Again

Since when do these legal organizations get so much power? Why are they to tell individuals how they must behave? All these threats of lawsuits have crippled our society. We fear legal action and therefore we kowtow to these lawyer thugs who abuse our rights and freedoms in the pretense of protecting our rights and freedoms. I say enough already!

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The high school has been holding its graduation ceremony at the historic Great Auditorium for six decades

The ACLU is saying religious symbols on a building that has hosted the graduating class of Neptune High School in Ocean Grove, N.J., for the past six decades, in ceremonies that often have religious undertones, makes the ceremony unconstitutional because it violates the separation of church and state.

The ACLU’s complaint to the school district was filed on behalf of a woman who attended the ceremony last year but doesn’t live in the district.

The religious symbols include two signs inside the Great Auditorium – a wooden, dome structure that was built in 1894 and has hosted eight presidents – one of which says, “HOLINESS TO THE LORD,” and the other says, “SO BE YE HOLY.” A 20-foot high white cross also hangs from the front of the building.

“The ACLU is not asking the district to change the venue,” said ACLU spokeswoman Katie Wang, according to Asbury Park Press. “It is simply asking the district to cover the religious symbols on the property, including covering the cross that is outside.”

The Ocean Grove Camp Meeting Association, which is rooted in Methodist heritage, owns all of the land in the city. The auditorium hosts church services in addition to speeches, concerts and other events. OGCMA Chief Administrative Officer Nancy Hoffman said they will not agree to cover the symbols.



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