It works. It can be proven. It can be duplicated. It costs taxpayers nothing. It is supported by America’s founders. Liberals hate it. Conservatives embrace it.

Below are the 10 Commandments to end poverty

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1) Establish and maintain the rule of law.

2) Focus the jurisdiction of government primarily on maintaining the rule of law, and limit its jurisdiction over the economy and the institutions of civil society.

3) Implement a formal property system with consistent and accessible means for securing a clear title to property one owns.

4) Encourage economic freedom.

5) Encourage stable families and other important private institutions which mediate between the individual and the state.

6) Encourage belief in the truth that the universe is purposeful and makes sense.

7) Encourage the right cultural mores.

8) Instill a proper understanding of the nature of wealth creation and poverty.

9) Focus on cultivating your comparative advantage rather than protecting what used to be your comparative advantage.

10) Work hard.